superfanuLast time Insider Louisville talked to SuperFanU, the founders, Kayla Mount and Chris Nowak, had just lured athlete/sportsfan/entrepreneur Tendai Charasika from his post as executive director of EnterpriseCorp to the team to serve as CEO. They had 47 clients and around 36,000 users.

SuperFanU had seen some early investment, notably by Steve Huey, who is now chairman of the company’s board. And they operated out of an office on Baxter Avenue above that bizarre clothing store that always seems to be open.

Now the company numbers seven people, with more on the way, including members who moved to Louisville from places like Ohio and Alabama just to work for SuperFanU. They’re up to 80 clients and will have around 125,000 users by the end of the year. They raised more than $1 million in investments in 2014, and they’ve moved into the swanky digs on the third floor of the Green Building in NuLu.

It’s been a good year for SuperFanU and Charasika; they’ve basically doubled just about everything in under a year. But if you know Charasika, then you know he’s not a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of guy.

Honestly, if there’s an uncertain bone in his body, you’d never know it.

He predicts 2015 will be “an explosive year,” and adds that the team refers to it as their “10 X year.”

“We’ll be a significant company,” he said without a hint of heresy or hubris.

You can read the full rundown of what SuperFanU does in our profile of the company back in March; not much has changed with the app itself. In short, SuperFanU is aiming to be the “No. 1 fan engagement platform” in the world. Charasika said the business is a “business to business to fan” company.

from Facebook

From Facebook

Universities, high schools, alumni associations and sports teams purchase the platform. SuperFanU makes a branded app for the client’s fanbase. Through the app, the client can reward the fan for going to events, buying tickets, sharing stuff on social media and other acts of engagement. On the client-side, the client can use the platform to track fans, know who they are and know what events they attend, how long they stay and what they buy.

SuperFanU has significant data capabilities. The client-facing dashboard can provide information and analytics that helps organizations identify what they’re doing right when it comes to serving the needs of their fans and what they need to do to gain more.

According to Charasika, SuperFanU will spend 2015 “beefing up internal resources.” VIA Studio is on board for design and messaging. Soon they’ll be looking for sales people, marketing talent, developers, designers and interns.

Local clients so far include Kentucky Country Day (KCD) and the Louisville Bats.