Police monitor the scene at Kentucky Kingdom pass giveaway

Police showed up to the sign-up event for free Kentucky Kingdom passes on Monday after the crowd greatly exceeded the number of available passes. | Photo by Jeremy Chisenhall

Despite having to shut down an event for free Kentucky Kingdom passes on Monday, the Mardrian Group is still going to give away about 200 more, the event organizer Teresa Bridgewaters told radio host Terry Meiners on Tuesday.

The initial sign-up was scheduled for 1 p.m. Monday, where the firm was expected to allocate 300 free passes. However, issues with the crowd caused the event to be shut down.

For the next signup, Bridgewaters said the process may be different, but she’s not sure what they’ll do until she consults with others, including the Louisville Metro Police Department. She did say they may do the sign-ups by appointment.

In her interview with Meiners, Bridgewaters defended the event despite several reports about organizational problems and oversized crowds. She said that the media misrepresented the situation and that it was actually a good event.

“Whenever you have that many people in one place and something’s given away free, there’s going to be some anxious people,” Bridgewaters said. She added that there were only a few people acting out and that it was mostly adults who were “anxious.” She said all the children were well-behaved.

However, Bridgewaters used a police horn to shut down the event when it got out of hand Monday, according to a video posted to Carolyn Callahan’s Twitter account. The Mardrian Group had given away just over 100 passes at that point.

“There’s too many people that do not want to follow the rules,” Bridgewaters said in the video. “They’re causing problems. We have children that are being pushed up against the windows. We will not allow that, so at this time we’re going to shut down the sign-up.”

People at the event complained about its lack of organization. Those who did get passes had to redeem them by June 29, the Mardrian Group said. Bridgewaters did not say whether or not the later giveaway would give people more time to redeem.