We’re about to get another piece of the 25-year Vision Louisville puzzle tonight as Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fischer, Matthew Barzun and Maria Hampton will be on hand for a news conference.

The event is scheduled for 6 p.m. at The Mayor’s Gallery at Louisville City Hall.

The press notice says, “Come learn more about the trends that will shape Louisville’s future, discuss Louisville’s inherent strengths and begin the conversation around the ideas, themes and international best practices that could chart the path of our community’s future.”

All the way back in August, we broke what may turn out to be the story of the decade – Fischer was bringing in Mathew Barzun and Maria Hampton to coordinate Vision Louisville.

Hampton is the Louisville-based vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, which covers this region. Barzun is the former entrepreneur, current Obama fundraiser and forever best friend of Ted Smith, the city’s Econ-Dev Czar.

Even we didn’t quite grasp the significance then because, well, there were no real details. That’s until Fischer’s big Aug. 30 wingding at Leadership Louisville, when it first became apparent the mayor’s vision involves chasing an NBA team.

Though he never quite said it that day. We had to pry it out of Chris Poynter, Fischer’s press secretary, who did say it in plain English: “The mayor wants an NBA team.”

That brings us to tonight.

This will be the first in-depth discussion with Fischer, Barzun and Hamtpon on the same stage, a presser that follows what we hear was a hugely successful GLIDE trip last week to Oklahoma City.

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Our best guess: Get ready for a push to change in the Kentucky Constitution to allow for local sales tax authority similar to that in Oklahoma City, as well an NBA team playing in KFC Yum! Center by next season.

You heard it here first.