tomcheeCincinnati’s Tom + Chee returns to “Shark Tank” for an update

Tonight, Fri., Nov. 15 at 9 p.m. on ABC, Tom + Chee founders Trew Quackenbush and  Corey Ward will appear on “Shark Tank” for an update segment. In May, they appeared on the show and won an investment from “shark” Barbara Corcoran.

According to a news release:

Quackenbush and Ward knew “Shark Tank” would raise T+C’s profile, but they could not have anticipated the tidal wave of attention they would receive after their initial appearance. In the last six months, they have received 9,000 inquiries from people interested in their own Tom + Chee restaurants. “They’ve come from all 50 states, plus Canada, Ireland, Dubai – all over the world,” says Ward.

Natalie and Rich Tinsley, who own the three Louisville Tom + Chee restaurants, were ahead of the curve, joining Tom + Chee way before the founders appeared on “Shark Tank.” The Tinsleys will open Lexington’s first Tom + Chee franchise by the end of the year.

Restaurant : Impossible Coach Lamp episode aired Wedneday

None of us at Insider Louisville have cable, so none of us have seen this yet. But boy, on Thursday morning, we sure knew it happened: when we checked our web traffic we found out that overnight folks had flocked to Chris Ritter’s three-month old story. And it’s poised to be one of the biggest stories of the week.


This summer, celebrity chef Robert Irvine and his crew from Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible,” as well as dozens of local volunteers, completed a 48 hour marathon of renovation and reinvention of the Coach Lamp Restaurant. Brooke & Billy’s Back Patio was born and a whole new menu was engineered.

And apparently lots of people watched the Food Network show and wanted to read more about the transformation. A follow-up post on the Food Network blog says that things are still going well at the Back Patio/Coach Lamp.

Since Coach Lamp has reopened, business has jumped nearly 30 percent, according to Bill. “The liquor, beer [and] wine sales are 40 percent of the food sales …. The money is in the bar goods,” he says. “We are seeing more locals visiting.”

Coach Lamp is still serving Robert’s menu items, and the “short ribs and hot brown are two of the biggest sellers,” Bill explains. “There haven’t been any complaints about the fare.” In addition to offering a few high-priced beers, the eatery continues to sell draft beer. Bill tells FN Dish, “We have rolled through 5 1/2 barrels since August 14th. That’s about 10,000 ounces of beer, or 900+ glasses.”

You should be able to watch the episode on Hulu in a couple of days.