GoPuff delivery

Philadelphia-based GoPuff delivery service is entering the Louisville market. | Courtesy of GoPuff

A pair of delivery services, GoPuff and, hope to make shopping for a variety of goods a lot easier.

Philadelphia-headquartered GoPuff is something of a one-stop-shop concept, with more than 2,500 products across eight categories stored in a centrally located warehouse. It operates in 90 markets across the U.S. is now serving several ZIP codes in and around Louisville.

Meanwhile, recently acquired Austin-based Mr. Delivery, which had served Louisville previously. With the acquisition, expands to 38 states.

GoPuff provides delivery service for a variety of situations, from facing a cupboard devoid of snack food for movie nights to the cat running out of food. Customers can get delivery on products ranging from ice cream, candy and beverages to essentials like cleaning products, diapers and pet products.

The delivery fee for a GoPuff order is a flat $1.95, and first-time users will get a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with any order of $9 or more by Aug. 11. Delivery is available seven days a week, noon-4:30 a.m.

delivery-com fries beer has acquired Mr. Delivery, offering delivery services for everything from food to liquor. | Courtesy of

“Customers have been asking us to come to Louisville since we first launched the concept,” GoPuff co-founder Rafael Ilishayev said a news release, “and we are thrilled to now bring that experience to the area and deliver the moments that matter most to this vibrant community.”, meanwhile, is more of a go-between courier, now connecting more than 2.5 million customers and corporate clients with 15,000 restaurants, liquor stores, dry cleaners and other local businesses in more than 1,800 cities. The company has a philosophy of connecting locally with all types of business, from retail to restaurants to liquor stores.

The company acquired Mr. Delivery as part of the beginning of “rapid expansion efforts,” according to a news release, including food delivery operations across 160 cities. Mr. Delivery users should be able to seamlessly transition to the new system without setting up new accounts.

In addition, for a limited time, is offering $10 off to new customers on their first order of $15 or more, using the code ORDERNOW.

“Independent delivery service operators, many without access to venture capital, have built consequential businesses that have become part of the fabric of their local economies, and for that they should be commended,” Jed Kleckner, CEO of, said in a news release.

“Mr. Delivery shares our vision of empowering communities and businesses. Our complementary business models and missions make this acquisition a natural and timely fit given our broader expansion strategy this year.”