Hundreds of students, faculty and local officials attended UofL President Neeli Bendapudi’s inauguration. | Photo by Olivia Krauth

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University of Louisville Housing officials and students have wanted to replace Miller and Threlkeld Halls, two of the oldest residence halls, for years. Now, the aging dorms are one step closer to being demolished and replaced.

UofL is searching for an architect to design up to two new dorms, aiming to have one of them open in time for the 2021-2022 school year, according to a request for proposal. UofL expects to spend around $71 million across both phases of the project, the RFP says. The school will use tax-exempt bonds to pay for the halls, a UofL spokesman said.

The RFP is specifically for a single residence hall but says UofL reserves the right to extend the contract for a second phase and hall.

If both phases occur, Threlkeld Hall is expected to be demolished after the first new hall is built, according to the RFP. Miller is slated to be torn down after the second phase of the project.

Replacing the traditional dorms, both built in the 1960s, has been on UofL Housing officials’ wishlist for years. University officials did not have a solid timeline on when new buildings could come to campus, though. Both halls are situated in the center of campus, which is considered ideal for their freshmen residents.

Both of the slated buildings are described similarly to the current halls: Traditional-style dorms with shared bathroom common spaces. They’re both expected to have 450 beds, the RFP says.

Miller and Threlkeld have developed a reputation for being some of the oldest and cheapest on-campus housing options, a few of the old-school traditional dorm options on a campus flush with suite-style residence halls and complexes.

They’ve also become known for recurring issues with mold. In fall 2012, all Miller residents were forced to move out midsemester to treat the building for mold. Issues continued in both buildings, highlighted in a viral post on alleged mold growth in a Threlkeld dorm room in fall 2018.

UofL also hopes to have another new residence hall built on the outskirts of campus by August 2021, as Insider Louisville reported in February. The new residence hall, to be aimed at honors students, is expected to have classroom and retail space, according to the RFP.