The University of Louisville is holding a day-long public arts symposium, “Public Art and the City” on Friday, April 22.

“Public Art and the City” comes on the anniversary of two seminal controversies, according to a university news release.

From symposium literature: In 1981, Richard Serra’s “Tilted Arc” was installed in a federal plaza in New York, only to be removed and subsequently destroyed in 1989. Also in 1981, Maya Linn entered and won the competition for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. “Together, these works symbolize a dramatic shift in the creation, installation, appreciation and reception of public art in the United States. The rights of artists, the rights of the public and society’s relationship to public art remain hotly debated.”

The symposium will include three panels and featured speaker Professor Theresa Leininger-Miller, Department of Art, University of Cincinnati, and three panels:

Panel One: “Local First: Public Art Organizations and Collaborations” is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. Panelists will offer a brief overview of their public art projects, funding, programming, and administration and recent achievements, according to the release.

Moderator: Alice Gray Stites, artwithoutwalls, Louisville


  • Jim Clark, president and CEO, LexArts, Lexington
  • Karen Gillenwater, New Albany Bicentennial Project, Carnegie Center for Art and History and New Albany Urban Enterprise Association
  • Mary Lou Northern, senior advisor for Parks and Cultural Affairs, Metro Louisville
  • Hallie Jones, creative director, PAINT (Producing Art in Neighborhoods Together), Center for Neighborhoods

Panel Two: “Art + Public = Public Art” is scheduled to begin at 10:30 a.m. The panel will be a discussion of specific works and projects in the region and will highlight ways in which public art has been created, received and further re-viewed over time, according to the release.

Moderator, John Begley, Gallery Director, Hite Art Institute, University of Louisville


  • Ed Hamilton, sculptor and Morgan Professor, Department of Fine Arts, University of Louisville
  • Leticia Bajuyo, associate professor of Art and Gallery Director, Hanover College, Madison, IN
  • Valerie Sullivan Fuchs, video artist

Keynote Speaker at 1:30 p.m. Leininger-Miller  will trace the history of Cincinnati’s public art in the central business district from its oldest piece, The Tyler  Davidson Fountain (1871), to the present. She will examine Cincinnati as a case study of a Midwestern city reflecting national trends, including monuments, memorials, government funding, abstract art, and local tributes, according to the release.

Panel Three: “Mapping, Identifying and Creating Legacies: Internet Resources for Public Art.” Internet technologies, including Web 2.0 technology and other digital platforms, are viable resources for – and a means of creating – public art. An overview of multiple formats will be introduced by the moderator and the panelists will then discuss their current work, according to the release.

Moderator: Professor Juilee Decker, Chair, Department of Art, Georgetown College, Georgetown, Ky.


  • Chris Huskisson, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Art, Museum Studies, University of Kentucky and Lisa Broome-Price, acting director, Gaines Center for the Humanities, University of Kentucky, Central Kentucky Museum without Walls website and Take It Artside phone App.
  • Helen Lessick, project manager, Web Resources for Art in Public via Skype.
  • Jack Becker, founder, Forecast Public Art, and publisher.

The event will be held in the Chao Auditoriam, Ekstrom Library, on U of L ‘s Belknap campus, and scheduled to begin with an 8 a.m. breakfast and registration, according to a news release.

Registration is $15 per person and includes breakfast. For more information, call 502-852-2361 or 502852-2247, or email: [email protected]