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The University of Louisville Police Department is instituting new rules for its officers’ firearms training, following an incident last week in which a live round was fired by accident in a conference room before lodging into the wall of a second room, a UofL spokesman said.

Asked about the incident, UofL spokesman John Karman told Insider Louisville that the “training mishap” occurred when officers were preparing for an exercise on a firearms simulator.

“For the session, duty guns had been separated from training weapons,” Karman said in an email. “During the course of the session, a duty weapon was accidentally picked up and fired. A round lodged into a wall. No one was hurt. There was no maliciousness or horseplay involved.”

Karman later indicated that the bullet was fired by the trainer of the session, who is a certified firearms instructor. The bullet eventually lodged into the wall of a nearby bathroom, where ULPD interim Chief Kenny Brown was at the time.

As a result of the incident, the following new rules have been put into place by the ULPD:

  • All firearms and all ammo of all participants will be locked in a separate room.
  • Training weapons will be marked with red grips and slides.
  • All participants will be checked by two instructors for the proper equipment before the start of the session.
  • The training sessions will not begin until both instructors determine that the room is safe.
  • These rules will be posted outside of the training room.

Karman also indicated that UofL is close to hiring a new chief of police. Wayne Hall retired last May after 26 years in that position, which has since been filled by Brown.