The Hunter S. Thompson mural effort for a downtown location moved forward today, according to poet and Thompson friend, Ron Whitehead.

While the building location on West Market near KFC Yum! Center is still not announced, Whitehead said, “A couple of technical details have to be worked out. We’ll hopefully be able to give exact info by end of weekend.”

This is a movement that’s been in works for many years, and an end is in sight. Some wondered if the community or the Hometown Heroes group would think of Hunter as too controversial a subject. But Whitehead says the organization thinks this mural effort is coming together exactly as it should: “The Hometown Banner program has been supportive of this grassroots effort.”

They feel it is more in tune with Hunter’s style to take it outside the lines. We have enough funding to move forward. The remainder of funding to finish the project is being worked out as The GonzoFest celebration is set for Sat., April 5, 2014 with the mural unveiling scheduled at 2 p.m.

The festivities and celebrations, no doubt a day Louisville will embrace with city-wide celebration (or just a good excuse for a party Thompson would admire), will be promoted on a national level.

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When the full story first broke by Insider Louisville, news spread fast including a retweet by artist Ralph Steadman, who is providing the photograph for the mural, and Flying Dog Brewery in Maryland.

Flying Dog makes a Gonzo Imperial Porter, 9.2-percent alcohol by volume.

A drink I’m sure that will flow next April in Louisville.