We’ve talked to folks involved in two of the five companies in residence at the Velocity Indiana accelerator programs over the past couple of days. And they’re all slackjawed at the idea that their time in the program is winding down.

Two and a half weeks left until Demo Day.

The public is invited to the free event where all five companies will give their pitches. Velocity Managing Director Tony Schy says, “Several will be opening a fundraising round and all of them will be looking for customers. Bob Marino, the CEO of Cafe Press, will be making some remarks.”

Demo Day (1)Doors will open on August 29 at 2:30, the event starts at 3 p.m.  It’s at Kyes 1 events space at 500 Missouri Ave in Jeffersonville, In.

It seems hard to believe, even for us, that the first class of the Velocity accelerator is coming to an end.

We’ll be very sad to see the three West Coast out-of-towners go.

But “go” is kind of a relative term here.

As we told you in the Monday Morning Business Brief, we may not have to say good-bye to Rob Rosario of Steel Fashion. He married two weekends ago and is considering relocating with his new wife to the region from San Francisco. He’s been saying that since we first talked to him back in June.

We found out yesterday that Bryce and Betsy Anderson formerly of Change my School, now of Pass It, fully intend to maintain their ties to the Louisville community. They plan to launch Pass It both at home in the Seattle area (where Betsy is returning to her teaching job this week) and the Louisville area next spring. The Andersons are looking for a Louisville-based mobile app developer to further strengthen their ties here.

More on Pass It, and the big pivot from Change My School, later today.

The final out-of-towners, AJ Agrawal and Eghosa Aihie of Greek Pull of San Diego, are considering eventually putting down roots in Indianapolis, home to more than fifty percent of Greek organizations’ headquarters, after Aihie finishes the last semester of his MBA.

So potentially the first Velocity class leaves us with these awesome results:

Midwest: 2.25/West Coast: .75

Chalk up a big “W” for Midwestern hospitality, y’all.

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