village capital

Courtesy of Village Capital

Village Capital announced its third cohort for the low-residency agriculture and ag-tech accelerator, which will be starting in Louisville at the end of the month. Three of the 13 companies are from Kentucky.

Village Capital has partnered with Blue Sky Network, Radicle Capital, Reily Foods, Owsley Brown Charitable Foundation, and Sustainable America for this cohort.

The program has three intense four-day workshops, two in Louisville and one in New Orleans. At the end of the program, two ventures will be selected by their peers to receive $75,000 in pre-committed investment capital from VilCap Investments and Radicle Capital.

Village Capital was the first agriculture-based accelerator in the country. It works with early-stage entrepreneurs working in each part of the agriculture supply chain and food system to solve major agricultural problems

The companies are listed below, with those from Kentucky in bold (descriptions provided by the companies):

  • 3Bar Biologics Inc. – Improving yield, profitability, and sustainability for agriculture. Our bioinoculants increase yield while reducing dependence on chemicals.

  • Arise ag-tech – Arise is developing a new way to grow plants with soil, anywhere, using less water, land, energy, labor and no chemicals, waste or pollution.

  • Earthineer – A peer-to-peer social marketplace for food and farm.

  • Emmer & Co. – 100 percent Heritage Poultry. Rebuilding a bond with honest food.

  • Follow That Meat! – Data management service providing transparency and traceability for the meat supply chain and empowering more efficient market decisions

  • FoodTrace – We help food businesses answer the daily questions “Where is your product coming from and/or where is it going?”

  • Full Harvest – We help farmers get the most out of their harvest. We are a mission-driven B2B marketplace focused on reducing food waste at the farm level.

  • Global Plant Solutions – Cost effective, innovative green solutions that stop fungi that are destroying crops worldwide without harming the environment.

  • Hemp Foods America – Hemp Foods America aims to achieve rank as one of the top three hemp food brands on grocery store shelves with Kentucky-grown organic grains.

  • IDIAS Bioenergy – IDIAS Bioenergy is changing the way the world sees waste; utilizing carbon dioxide emissions to create sustainable products.

  • Kuli Kuli – Kuli Kuli is the first company to sell moringa food products in the U.S. and use this new superfood as a tool to improve nutrition worldwide.

  • Stony Creek Colors – We have developed the first scalable agricultural supply chain to replace synthetic petrol based dyes with cleaner and safer biobased dyes.

  • Sunstrand, LLC – Sunstrand is a processor and supplier of value added biomaterials primarily for the polymer composites industry.