"Self-Portrait" by Beth Nolte

“Self-Portrait” by Beth Nolte

The Wayside Expressions Gallery recently celebrated its 10th birthday of showcasing local and regional talent. Located inside Wayside Christian Mission‘s Hotel Louisville, at 120 W. Broadway, the gallery hosts a new exhibit each month.

Later this week, Louisville artist Beth Nolte will hang her artwork in preparation for her first solo exhibit, titled “Reflections.” An opening reception is scheduled for Friday, May 1, from 5-8 p.m. And a second reception is set for Sunday, May 17 (from 2-4 p.m.) — for all those whose Oaks plans spill into the evening.

Nolte has received three grants from the Kentucky Foundation for Women throughout the years, the most recent being 2014’s Artist Enrichment grant, which led to the pieces in this exhibit.

According to her artist statement, Nolte had an epiphany while working on self-portraits.

“The colors drew me in, but the faces pushed me back — all scared, old and sad,” she says. “Sometimes just floating heads with no body or background. Seeing so much fear. But where was the love?”

Through that process, she realized her reflection, as well as her self-worth, is always changing.

“Reflections” runs May 1-31 at Wayside Expressions Gallery.