This weekend, if you didn’t get enough Armageddon-themed food and festivities at Apocalypse Brew Works’s DisTRUCKtion food truck event on Friday, no worries.

Louisville has you covered. It’s no surprise that a city that embraces zombies like we do (that’s a gross mental picture) is also gleefully embracing the idea of the End of the World.

Taco Punk, at 726 E. Market St. in NuLu, will be hosting TacoPocalypse 2012 this Sat., Oct. 20 from 12 p.m. until 8 p.m.

According to the Taco Punk website:

TacoPocalypse! will feature a selection of Louisville’s top taco-bearing restaurants vending and then participating in a battle royale for taco supremacy! The event will also feature a farmer’s market, live music, locally brewed beer and spontaneous artistic performances.

Participating in the “battle royale” (so violent!) are: Taco Punk, Feast BBQ, and Holy Mole food truck. Judging will be at 3 p.m.

Beer vendors will include Against the Grain, BBC, and Apocalypse Brew Works.

Live music from Trophy Wives and Smoke Shop Kids from  3 p.m. until 8 p.m.

If your tin-foil-hat-wearing-brother-in-law is to be believed, we only have two months and a couple of days before The End of It All. So, what are you going to do with that time? Make amends? Take huge, Felix Baumgartner-sized risks? Travel around and tell all the people you’ve ever met how much they mean to you?

Heck no. If you’re like 99.5 percent of us, you’re going to eat, drink and be merry.

This weekend seems like a good time to start.

And… just in case your brother-in-law is right, here’s how to make a tin-foil hat: