It's a bird, it's a plane ... it's "WTG?"

It’s a bird, it’s a plane … it’s “WTG?”

Sometimes it’s best if an event doesn’t fit neatly into one particular category. Didn’t you ever learn to color outside the lines?

Part pub crawl, part music festival, “What the Germantown?” is a collaboration of five neighborhood bars that decided to create an event to bring people into Germantown and get them excited about the neighborhood. The bi-annual event will take over Goss Avenue and beyond on Saturday, Oct. 15, from 4 p.m.-2 a.m.

wtg2Each of the five bars — The Post, Four Pegs, Germantown Craft House, Nach Bar and Kaiju — will host live music at different times throughout the night (see the schedule to the right), and attendees are encouraged to pick up a card and get it stamped at each destination for a highly coveted “WTG?” T-shirt.

There will be no cover charges at any bar.

Princeton Hurst, owner of Four Pegs and one of the event’s organizers, tells Insider the idea for the fest came about as a way to unite the neighborhood’s bars instead of pitting them against one another. He’s seen Germantown go from a forgotten patch of houses near the Highlands to now one of the largest up-and-coming neighborhoods in Louisville.

“Germantown is such a cool place, but it didn’t seem like many events were highlighting that,” he says, noting the first “WTG?” took place in the fall of 2015. “We thought it would be fun to get people into the area and give them a reason to check out each bar — and possibly see a new band while they’re there.”

Part of the fun is collecting the stamps at each place and turning it in for a T-shirt at the end. Hurst wouldn’t reveal any hints about the design, but he says the shirts, which were made by Monkey Drive in Germantown as well, are pretty unique this year.

“You’re gonna want one, trust me,” he says.

And we do.