Construction has already begun at the new Louisville office in Russell. | Courtesy of IMS

Construction has already begun at the new Louisville office in Russell. | Courtesy of IMS

Lexington-based health care provider Integrated Medical Solutions is the latest company to commit to west Louisville.

IMS is a health care provider that offers services including physical therapy, massage therapy and consultations with neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons, with a focus on automobile or workplace injuries. The company also offers MRI and X-ray imaging through a partnership with Integrity Imaging.

The company is adding a second Louisville location. This one will be located in Russell at 300 S. 13th St., while its first Louisville office is in Jeffersontown.

Eric Lowe, co-founder of IMS, said he’d heard about the projects taking place in Russell, such as the planned transformation of Beecher Terrace into mixed-income housing and opening of Chef Space, the food business incubator, and wanted to be part of the redevelopment.

“We’d like to be one of the catalysts. We’d like to show people this is happening,” Lowe said. “You are starting to see things happening. I’d rather be a part of that.”

It doesn’t hurt either that the location is convenient to downtown.

“We thought it would be a great opportunity for us to go on that end of town,” Lowe said. “Right now in downtown Louisville, to really get medical care you have to go to the hospital.”

The company expects to draw patients from downtown, west Louisville and New Albany. IMS fills a gap, Lowe said, because general practitioners often don’t want to mess with work or auto-related injuries because “the insurance is difficult to deal with.” That leaves patients going to hospitals, which can cost more than going to a private practice.

Up to 30 physicians around Kentucky work with IMS, and roughly a third of those will work in the Russell offices. The physical therapists can see 20 to 30 patients a day, while doctors average 50 patients a day.

“Right now, we’ve just seen a big demand,” Lowe said.

IMS bought the property along South 13th Street for $410,000 in April and will spend more than $120,000 renovating the 9,800-square-foot building. It was previously offices for chemical company PPG Industries. IMS is updating the 20-year-old interior, reconfiguring the floor plan and installing the equipment it purchased last year in anticipation of opening a second location, he said.

“We want to make it a really nice facility so people walk in impressed,” Lowe said.

The company has applied for a five-year local tax moratorium to help cover the cost of the renovations.

IMS hopes to start seeing patients at its new offices on June 1, Lowe said, adding that IMS focuses heavily on the patient experience, getting them scheduled for appointments as soon as possible and explaining everything thoroughly.

“(Health care has) become an industry more about pushing people through than having a positive treatment experience,” he said. “We pay a lot of attention to detail about how the office staff and medical professionals treat the patients.”