Willie Pratt

Willie Pratt of Michter’s.

Willie Pratt of Michter’s Whiskey will be the special guest at this month’s Bourbon Brotherhood meeting, which happens Wednesday, Sept. 24, at Buck’s Restaurant & Bar in Old Louisville.

The master distiller is a 40-year veteran of the whiskey business, having spent much of his career in grain selection and distillation. Before being named master distiller by Michter’s, Pratt worked for Brown-Forman.

He is referred to tongue-in-cheek as “Dr. No” by the Michter’s salespeople because he is known for refusing to release whiskey for bottling until he feels it is just right, even though the whiskey may already be significantly older than the age statement on the label. He also insists on storing Michter’s barrels in heat-cycled warehouses, even though this significantly increases the “Angel’s Share” evaporation during aging.

Attendees can talk with Pratt over appetizers and food.

Buck’s is a classic Old Louisville bar with live piano music and is described by Bourbon Brotherhood founder Bruce Corwin as “the sort of place Humphrey Bogart might hang out when he wants to sip some fine bourbon.”

Cost is $10 at the door; appetizers and door prizes will be provided, and the time of the event is 5:30-7:30 p.m. Buck’s is located at 425 W. Ormsby Ave. Those planning to attend should RSVP to [email protected]