The scene outside the home of Dequante Hobbs Jr. after he was shot and killed by a stray bullet Sunday evening. | Image courtesy of WLKY

By Jennifer Weigel | WLKY News

Louisville Metro Police are investigating the shooting death of a 7-year-old boy in the Russell neighborhood.

LMPD Lt. Emily McKinley said Dequante Hobbs Jr. was with his mother and grandmother at home on West Madison Street near Dr. W.J. Hodge Street on Sunday evening when he was hit by a stray bullet.

McKinley said the boy was having a snack and playing with an iPad at the kitchen table when he was shot.

Dequante wasn’t the intended target, McKinley said.

Police are asking the shooter to come forward.

Lt. Emily McKinley

“Obviously, no one intended for a 7-year-old to be killed, but unfortunately, that’s where we are today, and I’m pleading for them to come forward,” McKinley said.

McKinley said there was a fight at a house behind the boy’s home and someone pulled out a gun and fired shots, one of which hit the boy.

Police said no one has come forward to provide information in the case.

“Last night was absolutely horrible. It was horrible for the family to go through, for our officers to go through, for our detectives to go through. We had a 7-year-old who fell victim to the senseless violence that’s going on in our city. If this doesn’t wake anybody up, then I don’t know what will,” McKinley said.

Louisville homicides in 2017 are on pace to exceed last year’s all-time high of 123 homicides in Jefferson County.

Anyone with information about Sunday’s deadly shooting is asked to call the anonymous police tip line at 502-574-LMPD.