Mayor Mike Moore of Jeffersonville | WLKY

By Morgan Lentes | WLKY

Mayor Mike Moore of Jeffersonville, Ind., delivered his state of the city address on Tuesday, saying: “I can tell you today that the state of our city is strong. Businesses and families continue to choose Jeffersonville.”

Moore, who is in his second term, delivered his remarks at a Jeffersonville Rotary Club meeting. He told the crowd that the city’s quality of life is improving, in part, because the economy is booming.

“We ended last year with $7.6 million cash on hand,” Moore said. “There was another $4.6 million in the rainy day fund.”

Moore said Jeffersonville is on the radar of many companies that are looking to expand because of the city’s proximity to the Ohio River, two interstates, and an international airport. He told WLKY that a top priority is to increase the size of the city’s college-educated workforce.

“One of the hardest things any community needs to do, and the state of Indiana needs to recognize, is we’re short on college graduates,” Moore said. “We’re looking for $100,000 a-year careers, and I’m sorry, but you have got to have a college degree to land that kind of job.”

He said the Jeffersonville’s Promise program, which allows students to attend Ivy Tech free of charge, can help in those efforts. But, a bill before the Indiana Legislature could end the program because it is funded by Tax Increment Financing, or TIF, dollars.

“They’re asking, in their language, for us to pick a specific employer and give the training for an employee to go to work for that specific company,” Moore said. “That’s not what we’re dealing with here. I’m not dealing with companies that I have now.”

Moore said he wants to prepare the next generation for jobs of the future. “It creates a workforce environment that is friendly to growing businesses and communities.”