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By Shaquille Lord | WLKY

Starting in June, construction crews will be out in the Eastern Parkway area, finishing the last phase of a massive project by the Louisville Water Company to replace one of the city’s oldest and largest water mains.

“It’s a big construction project with a lot of twists and turns,” said Kelley Dearing Smith, vice president of communications for Louisville Water.

Those twists and turns for the last phase of the Eastern Parkway project will affect drivers, starting on Lexington Road.

“Along Lexington Road, for the next few months, you’re going to see Lexington Road go down to two-lane traffic. One lane each way,” said Dearing Smith.

Crews will install a new, 42-inch pipe into the existing 100-year-old main, which is in rough condition after several major breaks.

It’s a method Louisville Water says is the least disruptive to the area.

“In order to just remove the old pipe and put a new one in, we would disrupt life for thousands of people,” said Dearing Smith.

But when construction begins in June, expect some road closures and detours that will last several months.

Dearing Smith says people living nearby could see brief periods of no water.

“There will be a few times when we have to turn off someone’s water service for a couple of hours while we make a connection, but no one goes without water service for days on this project,” Dearing Smith said.

While the detours and closures will be frustrating to some, if everything goes according to plan, crews won’t be back to replace the main again anytime soon.

“We expect a water main to last around 100 years, and I think this water main has lived a good life,” said Dearing Smith.

This story has been updated to correct the first name of Kelley Dearing Smith.