Courtesy WLKY

By Tre Ward | WLKY

Some potential criminals are using the cold weather as a way to get inside homes, according to the Louisville Water Company.

Officials are warning customers after reports came in about a man posing as a Louisville Water employee.

When someone knocked at her door, a resident in Regency Woods — off Lowe and Taylorsville roads — was suspicious. A man posing as a Louisville Water Company employee said he wanted to check her water meter.

“Louisville Water would not show up at your house without some type of identification. We’re not going to ask to come inside of your house unless it’s a specific problem,” said Kelley Dearing Smith, a spokeswoman for Louisville Water Company.

Residents in Regency Woods are staying on alert.

“We are watching. We’re diligent,” said Mary Rose Shackleford, the head of security for the Regency Woods Homeowners Association.

“I am concerned because of these main roads coming through here. I tend to think this neighborhood could sometimes be a target,” a resident, Tammy Kaninberg, said.

Shackleford was the first person to be notified by the concerned neighbor.

“The water company said yes there was someone here, but he was not near her home and did not knock on her front door,” Shackleford said.

She said the woman protected herself.

“The homeowner immediately felt uncomfortable and felt comfortable with shutting the door and following up on it,” Shackleford said.

Officials said if you’re suspicious of someone claiming to be an employee, ask for their employee ID, and if they cannot provide it, call the Louisville Water Company.