Tim Longmeyer

Tim Longmeyer

By WLKY Staff

The federal government has filed a motion to dismiss a bribery charge against a former head of the state Personnel Cabinet, citing a soon-to-be-filed alternate charge.

Tim Longmeyer is accused of taking more than $200,000 in kickbacks while he oversaw the Kentucky employee health plan.

In the motion to dismiss, assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Boone wrote that the government intends to charge Longmeyer with “conduct described in the criminal complaint.”

Intent to file an information usually means the defendant and the government have agreed that the defendant will plead guilty to an agreed-upon charge.

During his time as secretary, Longmeyer was responsible for overseeing the Kentucky Employees’ Health Plan, which contracted with Humana Inc. and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Officials said Longmeyer used his position to persuade Humana and Anthem to hire private consultants for services, such as focus groups and telephone surveys.

A confidential source working with the FBI said he saw a brown cardboard box, which contained $17,500. A confidential source also had a ledger. The one-page ledger contained a series of 17 entries, monetary amounts ranging from $3,500 to $10,500.

Longmeyer is expected to appear this week in federal court in Lexington.