By Marina Fraire | WLKY

University of Louisville basketball is now the subject of at least two investigations into a pay-for-play scheme. The first is by the federal government, which has been known for over a year and half. In March, the NCAA verbally notified UofL it is also investigating. The school only confirmed the investigation Wednesday night.

News of the NCAA notice was first reported by Jeff Greer of The Athletic. John Karman, a University of Louisville spokesman, told Greer that the university received a verbal notice of inquiry on March 8, adding he could not provide further details.

Former UofL basketball Head Coach Rick Pitino and former Athletic Director Tom Jurich were both fired at least in part because the program was named in the federal government’s investigation into corruption in the sport in September 2017.┬áThat investigation has already landed convictions and prison time for some involved.

As part of a federal fraud sting, Louisville was accused of teaming up with Adidas in a pay-to-play scheme, according to the federal indictment, which said the family of then-recruit Brian Bowen was paid to sign with the Cards. Pitino maintains his innocence and has not been charged in the criminal case.

This is not the program’s only recent problem with the NCAA. Its 2013 national championship and over 100 wins were vacated in a sex scandal involving recruits.

What comes next for the NCAA investigation? An official notice will be handed to the university in writing. In all, WLKY is told the investigation could drag on for months. In the worst-case scenario, UofL could see the entire program shut down as a repeat offender.