Park DuValle flooding | WLKY

By Ann Bowdan | WLKY

Residents in the Park DuValle neighborhood in west Louisville said they’ve had enough of flooding after years of losing valuable property.

Since 2009, residents of the Park DuValle neighborhood have dealt with flooding. Many of them said they have lost everything multiple times. They said they are trying to work with agencies like MSD to solve the problem.

“My goodness gracious, my neighbor right next to me and I both have lost everything we’ve had twice now,” said resident Annie Haigler. “I’ve lost three cars now. I lost two in ’09, one last year in February and this one is underwater. The backside is underwater.”

In the dark of Wednesday morning, residents on William E. Summers Avenue in Park DuValle experienced more flooding.

“The first time it flooded in this area was in August 2009. We had that torrential rain that lasted about four minutes and it flooded everything over here, all across this complex. We lost everything,” Haigler said.

MSD drainage manager Tony Morrison said with “So much rain, in a short amount of time, with the ground being saturated, we’re trying to get it to go down as quick as possible.”

Residents said they’ve been having meetings with MSD. The issue is that much of the complex lies low, where water runoff comes from several directions — including the nearby highway.

There’s a question if the old drainage system and the surrounding infrastructure can handle the runoff. According to MSD, money to fix the problem is also an issue.

“I’ve attended a meeting and it’s something that we’re looking into. It’s not an easy fix right off the top. So we’re trying to evaluate and see what the best plan is to get it fixed,” Morrison said.

Residents hope that is sooner than later.

“We’re living with a problem we didn’t predict,” Haigler said.

Residents want a meeting with Metro Council and the mayor.

In the past three years, MSD has asked Metro Council for the authority to raise rates an extra 3 percent to help address the problem, but so far that has not been approved or passed.