Suddenly, everyone is a horse-racing expert. Yep, Derby is upon us. So, why not kick back with Kentucky’s favorite distilled spirit while you enjoy Louisville’s very own holiday season? Keep this list of bourbon hot spots handy for when Derby house guests come callin’!

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St. Charles Exchange, 113 S. Seventh St., Louisville

“Several bars claim to have ‘handcrafted’ cocktails, but few take it as seriously as St. Charles Exchange. They keep the history and heritage of the drink intact but use the freshest of ingredients. … Easily the best Old Fashioned I’ve ever had.” — Evan B.

Doc Crow’s, 127 W. Main St., Louisville

“So many awesome things! Mint julep lemonade … and two votes for the best pecan pie of a lifetime. Great bourbon selection, and the servers know what they’re talking about. … The bourbon caramel ice cream is great.” — Rachel E.

Bourbons Bistro, 2255 Frankfort Ave., Louisville

“We ordered a second round of drinks — and boy am I glad we did! There was a maple bacon bourbon cocktail that was incredible. It’s one of my favorites in town so far. … The bourbon wasn’t overshadowed, but it was still a cocktail.” — Rachel F.

Equus and Jack’s Lounge, 122 Sears Ave., Louisville

“They make the best bourbon drinks in the city. Hands down. And, they did it way before it was cool to drink Manhattans or any bourbon or bourbon concoction.” — Amy G.

Haymarket Whiskey Bar, 331 E. Market St., Louisville

“Eccentric and fun atmosphere with a little hometown yet big city ‘hole in the wall’ feel. The live music is fantastic and not typical. Huge bourbon and beer selection — there is even a beer vending machine. Sweet.” — Amy L.

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