Waffles topped with whipped cream are nice, but we like our square-pocked cakes served with soul: this means syrup and a chicken piece or two, preferably eaten after the sun goes down. So in honor of National Waffle Day on Tuesday, March 25, we are saluting this brunch staple’s nighttime counterpart. Get a plate and revel in the salty sweetness!

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Hammerheads, 921 Swan St., Louisville

“When the menu says ‘three whole chicken wings’, it’s not kidding. I think each is a leg connected to a wing? Not so good with fowl anatomy, but they’re huge. And the waffle — it’s sweet potato. Please. It’s awesome. Just get it.” — Kirsten C.

The Silver Dollar, 1761 Frankfort Ave., Louisville

“These did not disappoint! I tell you what, the chicken and waffle could stand on their own. They pair perfectly together. The waffle batter isn’t overly sweet. The maple syrup was perfect, and the chicken was perfectly cooked and juicy.” — Evan B.

MilkWood, 316 W. Main St., Louisville

“The chicken and waffles aren’t your typical garden variety; it’s really more along the lines of a very, very good General Tso’s chicken … and chunks of what I assume to be pieces of waffle. … It’s different but spectacular.” — Thomas R.

Four Pegs, 1053 Goss Ave., Louisville

“If you’re on a diet do not go there because you will simply not be able to stay away from the chicken and waffles once you’ve had them. It awakens taste buds you didn’t even know you had! Pair that with one of their delicious rotating beers on tap.” — Brittney H.

Dish On Market, 434 W. Market St., Louisville

“They serve breakfast all day: good selection of sandwiches; fries are very good, etc. I’ve had the fried chicken and waffles (very good, but you have to be in the mood), grilled chicken sandwiches and a burger. I haven’t been disappointed yet.” — Jordan M.

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