Zeggz is fast casual, but is cozy enough that it almost feels like a lounge. Photos by Kevin Gibson.

Zeggz is fast casual, but it is cozy enough that it almost feels like a lounge. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

Zeggz Amazing Eggs got off to a bit of a rough start in 2015, but righted the ship with plans to expand. And expand it did, recently opening its third location at 2400 Lime Kiln Lane, just off of busy Brownsboro Road, and not far from Holiday Manor. (The original is at 4600 Chamberlain Lane, while the other spot is in Middletown.)

The motif at Zeggz is modern fast casual, with an order-at-the-counter business model that also includes a bar and flat-screen TVs, giving the space a relaxed feel.

My friend Kirk and I stopped in recently for lunch at the new location, sitting down at a table first to peruse the menu that is packed with breakfast dishes along with a few lunch-style sandwiches. Zeggz also offers signature cocktails and brunch favorites like mimosas and bloody marys.

Zeggz torta

Torta con huevos with three-cheese grits | Photo by Kevin Gibson

Kirk went for a Picoso scramble, which is basically scrambled eggs mixed with chorizo, cheese, jalapenos and other ingredients, then topped with avocado and sriracha sour cream.

I blended breakfast and lunch by ultimately choosing a torta con huevos, featuring many of the same ingredients in the Picoso, but served on bolillo bread. I also planned to try a cup of the turkey and black bean chili.

We walked up to the counter to order, only to find that the order taker apparently was busy with a carry-out order. So, we waited. She smiled and told us she’d be right with us, then apologized once she finally got back to us a few minutes later. Still, it was a longer wait than it should have been, especially when the place was nearly empty.

But then more confusion happened when I ordered a cup of chili and was informed there was none available because it’s a seasonal item. No worries — I asked what the soup of the day was, as I was pondering the soup and sandwich option for $9.95. No soup of any kind. Odd, since there is a soup of the day option on the menu, along with roasted red pepper and Gouda bisque and a Thai chicken soup as well.

“It’s a bad deal for the soup lovers,” she said with a chuckle. I’d say so.

Nevertheless, we placed our soupless orders and took a seat. One thing I can say for Zeggz is the service is extremely friendly. At one point, a gentleman came over to ask us if we needed anything and ended up offering us a sample of some fresh-squeezed orange juice. Tasty.

Picoso scramble.

Picoso scramble | Photo by Kevin Gibson

When our meals arrived, the presentation was impressive, and we dug in. I had opted for three-cheese grits instead of french fries with my torta, and they were solid — creamy with just a bit of graininess and a mild cheese flavor.

However, after a few bites of my torta, which essentially was just an omelet on a bun, I noticed it was far blander than I’d anticipated, given that chorizo was one of the main ingredients, along with Cotija and cheddar, plus jalapeno peppers, cilantro and red chili mayonnaise. Generally speaking, that’s a bounty of different flavors coming together, and yet for some reason in this torta sandwich, nothing popped. (Although, the bread was quite good.)

Since Kirk’s scramble contained many of the same ingredients, I couldn’t help but ask for a taste, and my experience of his lunch was the same. He agreed that while his lunch was good (the huge biscuit that accompanied his scramble drew praise), it wasn’t nearly as flavorful as he’d expected.

We surmised that these dishes might simply be geared toward palates that are less inclined toward spice. But it was odd to me that even when I found a bite of my sandwich that was loaded with jalapenos, I barely got a sense of the flavor, let alone any peppery heat.

As a side, Kirk also had acai pudding, kind of like a smoothie you eat with a spoon, made with berries and bananas. It was tart and fresh tasting, although it did lean a bit toward bananas in its flavor profile. That dish alone would probably make for a nice small breakfast if one wasn’t hungry enough for the full thing.

And based on the Zeggz menu, there are some mega breakfasts to be had. Take the Las Vegas steak and eggs, featuring hangar steak with three eggs, breakfast potatoes and toast. And if you’re really hungry, you’ve got the option for a multitude of add-ons, from three strips of bacon to chicken sausage. There also are salads and classic sandwiches like a club and BLT with avocado if you aren’t feeling breakfast.

Zeggz Amazing Eggs is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-2 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 7 a.m.-3 p.m.