Why Duplicator Sales and Service works very hard at customer satisfaction

Service managers Jason Heil, Don Washburn, and Allyn Ryan share a combined 93 years of service with Duplicator Sales and Service.

Duplicator Sales and Service is more than an office technology company. Talking to their customers, a common theme emerges: dedicated and scrupulous service. There are countless stories about how Duplicator saved the day, pulling through with a quick repair or supplies that kept business on track in a pinch.

It’s no accident. It’s how they do business, and always has been. Speaking of the current owner, Jason Heil said, “Mike Nash will still go out and see his customers. I don’t care if I’ve been here a day or 10 years, I can go and talk to Mike. How many companies can you go in and talk to the owner?”

Heil, service shop coordinator, has, in fact, been with the company for 23 years. He’s a second-generation employee. His mother is Susan Heil, an administrative assistant who’s still working at Duplicator Sales and Service after more than 30 years.

The founder of the company was Harry M. Nash, Mike Nash’s father, who built and expanded Duplicator Sales and Service from its founding in 1959. Though he passed away in 2014, he’s still there in the memories and dedication to service carried on by his family and their employees.

Most companies have a credo. These days, it’s almost always an acronym, a mnemonic generated by an HR department that employees are meant to memorize to remind them of why they’re there. But at Duplicator Sales and Service, it’s more organic.

“I don’t pay anybody. Our customers pay all of us. So we work very hard at customer satisfaction.” These words by Harry M. Nash are posted in multiple places inside the company, but most employees have multiple memories of when that ethos hit home for them. Many of those memories are of Harry M. Nash.

Service finance manager, Don Washburn, who’s been working for the company for 33 years noted that when you call anywhere these days, it’s rare for a human being to answer. “With very rare exceptions, when you call us, you’re going to get a live person really quickly,” he said.

“That’s Mr. Nash right there,” agreed Heil. Before the days of email, Mr. Nash had tried to call an employee and they didn’t answer. “He put a memo out. It said, ‘Answer your phone. Don’t be rude and ignorant.’” HR might have something to say about that now, he admits, but it was effective and memorable.

“We call it the three ring rule,” said service manager, Allyn Ryan. He says that even with email and IMs, 30-40% of their service requests still come by phone. New technology helps customers track their orders and delivers instant updates about when service personnel will arrive, but that’s no reason to sacrifice the personal touches that make the business what it is.

Even after 36 years with the company, Ryan will occasionally make a service call on his way home for the weekend to keep customers on track.

All three service managers agree that changes in technology keep their work exciting. Allyn Ryan and Don Washburn remember working with machines that ran off copies in fragrant purple ink.

Ryan said it’s been exciting to be part of Duplicator Sales and Service’s growth. He was the 17th employee, and now their staff numbers more than 150. “Mr. Nash put his money back in the business, so you could see the passion that the family has for the business.”

With that rapid growth have come massive changes in technology. “There are always challenges,” he said, and that keeps the work from being stale. Keeping everyone educated on new products is priority. They send employees to school, and keep a classroom on the premises.

Ryan remembers a company meeting led by Mr. Nash about 15 years ago. He gave out Vail, Colorado hats and made memorable metaphor. If you’re climbing, the mountain seems tall, but from the top, you can see there are even taller mountains. Fax technology had made it possible to have written communications instantly, but what was next?

“It was about not being complacent. We’ve reached this peak, but we’ve got to keep moving on.”

Keeping in step with technology means that Duplicator Sales and Service offers any office machine you might need. Their Managed IT department keeps clients’ information secure and keeps their communications systems working 24-7.

Every day, Duplicator Sales and Service is working to help customers go paperless and save time with SentryFile. The recent merger with Corporate Mailing Systems means clients get the same dedicated attention with their postage meter as with all their other office equipment. While their sister company, Derby City Litho, is dedicated to putting marketing and advertising ideas into print. All these services have sprung from customers’ requests and needs.

Duplicator Sales and Service is where old world customer service and cutting edge office technology meet. Are you ready for the best of both worlds?