What’s your bourbon number?

Bourbon is a big part of Kentucky’s history and the Spirit of Kentucky exhibition at the Frazier History Museum celebrates both. The stories behind bourbon-making come to life with interactive elements, artful displays and multi-media presentations that offer rich insights into Kentucky’s past as well as its bourbon culture, natural resources, and industry.

You don’t have to be a bourbon aficionado to appreciate the gleaming copper stills in beautifully lit glass cases or the artwork inspired by its production. But if you are a true fan, one of the best parts of bourbon is sampling the unique recipes of each distillery. So when you take in the rows and rows of Kentucky-made bourbon in the Bottle Hall room, it may be hard not to think about how many you’ve tried (and which ones you want to).

The folks at the Frazier History Museum had the same thoughts. Because the Bottle Hall is a favorite spot for selfies, the latest addition to the exhibit lets visitors easily showcase their personal bourbon experience. The handheld sign is social-media ready. Engraved with #MyBourbon#,” it has three stacks of number cards. A few flips and your bourbon number pic can be shared on Twitter or any other social media platform.

Penny Peavler, Frazier’s president, is at a very respectable 63, but noted she’s added more to her bourbon sampling wish list because of the exhibit. The museum’s director of marketing, Andy Treinen (#MyBourbon# 123) says that while the Bottle Hall already showcases more than 250 varieties, more will be added. Ultimately, the collection will include every bottle of bourbon produced in Kentucky.

The Bob & Tom Show

The recent debut of the sign coincided with a visit from the crew of the Bob & Tom Show for an on-air show. With a bourbon-themed song and a bottle on the table, the focus was also on the personal bourbon experience.

The host of the nationally syndicated show, Tom Griswald, said he was amazed to find out that for each person in Kentucky, there are 1.5 barrels of bourbon aging somewhere in the state “waiting to delight the rest of the world.” He also happily acknowledged that he and his team “accounted for some of the consumption.”

“The Commonwealth of Kentucky is associated with the greatest horse racing in the world, and the greatest bourbon in the world,” he added.

The show and the new hashtag sign were less about the history and more about the fun side of bourbon, but the beauty of the exhibition is that it encompasses both. If you’re planning your own Kentucky Bourbon Trail® tour, your next stop should be the Frazier to see the Spirit of Kentucky exhibition and take advantage of the free trip-planning service at the museum’s official Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Welcome Center. Be sure to document your bourbon number now, and then come back to Bottle Hall later for a selfie update.

Find out more about the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Welcome Center and Spirit of Kentucky exhibition on the Frazier History Museum’s website.