The final In Other News … Google Fiber leaves town, Louisville coming out celebration goes viral, Lawrence gets engaged and a mighty farewell

Screen shot Google Fiber

This Town Ain’t Big Enough: After great hoopla and hype, Google Fiber is abandoning Louisville, says CNBC, CNET and The Verge.

You can also check out Joe Sonka’s coverage for Insider here.

Google Fiber will end its service in Louisville on April 15, citing problems with the experimental nanotrenching procedure they used here, laying the cable two inches deep near the edge of the road and then sealing the trench.

Which was great until the cables started popping out of the ground.

Fixing the problem isn’t an option, which explains why rather than “We got this,” they went with, “We’ll show ourselves out.” In Google’s blog post announcing the decision, they said they’d need to rebuild the whole thing “and that’s just not the right business decision for us.”

Google says it will learn from its mistakes here and stay active and expand in the 10 metropolitan areas it currently serves.

That last bit’s not a good look. “Hey everybody, we’re only screwing over Louisville. We still like the rest of you.”

Grade: F-.

Louisville’s response kept it classy. Jean Porter, director of communications for Mayor Greg Fischer, said in a statement:

From the time Louisville Metro began working with Google Fiber, we’ve believed that adding this service as a choice for residents would lead other providers to offer better services, faster speeds and lower costs. Competition is good for a market. AT&T, Spectrum, and others have stepped up and increased investment in Louisville. We look forward to working with them and others to provide residents with choices for low-cost, gigabit-speed internet access. We are also excited by our expansion of internet network capacity through the LFIT middle mile fiber initiative and 5G wireless coverage.

Heather Lundberg Green, Facebook

Coming Out: A Facebook post went viral this week after Louisville’s Heather Lundberg Green celebrated her transgender son’s coming out with a special photo shoot, says NBC News, ABC News and USA Today.

Twenty-year-old Adrian Brown came out to his mother and younger brother back in September. He told NBC:

The decision to come out was really scary. The hardest part was coming out to myself, accepting myself and loving myself for who I am.

Which led to his mom throwing an “It’s a Boy!” themed party and photo shoot for his 20th birthday party. She posted the photos on Facebook along with the message:

When your child comes out as trans, the best thing to do is create a photoshoot to celebrate the fact that he silently and bravely stepped out of the race that he never wanted to be in, found his own lane and proceeded to win. HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY, Adrian! You are without a doubt the most fascinating human I know and I will always be your biggest fan! I love you, I honor who you are and I respect your courage to be unapologetically you!! Lets celebrate!!


As of this writing, the post has over 16,000 shares

Brown said he thought the photo shoot was crazy at first, but “when we got going we had so much fun and laughed our way through all of my mom’s strange ideas.”

He also has advice for others who are struggling. He told GMA:

It’s probably going to be a little terrifying to tell someone for the first time. But even if they’re not accepting, there is a community out there that is going to love and accept you. It’ll be OK.




The Proposal: It’s official — Jennifer Lawrence is engaged to the art dealer Cooke Maroney, says CNN, Today, Los Angeles Times, BBC News, TIME and the loathed E!  The two have been reportedly dating since June after being introduced by a mutual friend.

Page Six first broke the news on Tuesday, reporting the two having a “cozy dinner” and Ms. Lawrence sporting a “massive ring.”

From Page Six:

It was a giant rock. They seemed like they were celebrating and people were talking about it. The ring was very noticeable. They were sitting back in a corner. She was wearing a cute black dress with white polka dots.

They say a “spy” told them that. Like from the Celebrity Intelligence Agency. “I can tell you about the polka dots, but then I have to kill you.”

When photographers spotted the couple back in June, outlets came out flying with the “Who is Jennifer Lawrence’s mystery man?” headlines, and those are back again this week.

Newsweek asks: “Who Is Cooke Maroney? Jennifer Lawrence Engaged to Art Gallery Director.” So they kind of answered their own question there. The loathed E! put together a video for you: “7 Things to Know About Jennifer Lawrence & Cooke Maroney’s Romance”:

And USA Today asks: “Who is Jennifer Lawrence’s fiancé Cooke Maroney? Here’s everything you need to know.”

Which now that I know he’s from Vermont, I can sleep at night.

This is what led to this section even being a thing almost six years ago when the mighty “In Other News…” column started. There were so many things happening at that time, but the biggest story by far that week in terms of coverage was Jennifer Lawrence’s hair. That wasn’t a revelation, mind you, but it got me thinking about the nature of celebrity, the culture of clicks for media in the digital age and how we consume data and how that turns into things like a “spy” casing out somebody having dinner or global coverage of having three inches trimmed from their hair.

Which is fascinating, I think. And over the last six years, I confess she’s turned me into a fan. Not of everything she’s ever said or done, of course, but that’s kind of the point. I think she’s just out there trying to live her life as authentically as she can and put some good in the world. I’m a fan of anyone who’s doing that. She has flawless skin and a $50 million leg on most of us, but still.

If it sounds like I’m walking a trail of nostalgia here, there’s good reason for that. There’s other news “In Other News…” this week.

All Good Things…: On Wednesday, I learned this would be the last installment of the mighty “In Other News…” column here at Insider Louisville.  There’s a shift in the way they want to approach national news and delivery and so there you go. That’s the news business, kid.

I started back in April of 2013 with the mission to find stories about Louisville or Kentucky that had caught national or global attention, spin an opinion on it and where appropriate, make with a joke or two. To inform and entertain. In that time, I’ve only missed two columns — one was a planned absence and the other was due to a sword injury, and it’s not often you can say that. And six years is about five and a half longer than I thought it would go, so I’m thankful for that and I’m thankful for the opportunity.

Speaking of, I have to thank Terry Boyd and Melissa Chipman — this thing got started under their watch, after all. Sarah Kelley was a joy to work with and I thank her for her support and patience. I was — and am — a big Sarah Kelley fan. And thanks to Mickey Meece and the current team at Insider. They’ve navigated a tough media landscape and transition to a new business model over the last couple of years and hopefully all their future plans bring success.

Special thanks to my wife, Megan, who’s slept alone every Thursday night without complaint as I race to Friday’s deadline. Her love and support are without peer.

And to the Dark Lord, who served as my assistant and harsh taskmaster for the last six years. He’s on the job this very minute.

Jack, The Dark Lord

And as always, to you. Some of you have been with me since the beginning, I know and I still hear from people who say this is part of their weekly routine. That’s never been lost on me and I thank you.

I’d like to tell you where to find me next, but this news isn’t yet two days old and I’m bad at planning under the best of circumstances. Megan had bought her wedding dress months before I’d proposed, so you know, sometimes it takes me a minute to get my ducks in a row. If you’re so inclined, follow me on Twitter @Kyle_Ware and when I know something, you’ll know something. That’s not a cheap bid for followers — I haven’t posted since December, so I’m a long way from pushing my status as an influencer.

So. That’s that then. Lights out here at the mighty “In Other News…” north central headquarters. I’ll lock up on my way out. And as always, thank you for reading.

See you around.