Know your city! — February 25, 2020

Thanks for playing Know Your City! Let’s review the questions.

  1. The settlement that later became Louisville was established on this (now submerged) island. What was the name of the island?
  2. Intended as a tourist attraction, the Louisville Falls Fountain was purchased in 1988 by whom?
  3. What downtown skyscraper is uniquely known for its exterior construction of pink granite?

And here are the answers:

Corn Island—George Rogers Clark established Louisville on this island in 1778. A 1780 survey listed the island’s size at 43 acres. It extended from what is now Louisville’s Fourth Street to Fourteenth.

Barry Bingham Sr. and his wife Mary bought the fountain after seeing something similar in Switzerland. They thought it would help beautify the waterfront and attract tourists. Unfortunately, the fountain was plagued with mechanical problems and, in 1998, a machinery failure caused the city to sell and move it.

The Humana Building–The American Institute of Architects awarded the Humana Building the National Honor Award in 1987 and Time Magazine listed it as one of the ten best buildings of the 1980s.

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