Gallery: Street art defines Louisville neighborhoods

Highlands: Bardstown Road & Murray Avenue

Across Louisville’s neighborhoods, from the Highlands to Portland to NuLu and more, street art finds its home on sides of businesses, street corners and rundown buildings.

Some of the most prominent murals occupy entire buildings and intersections in the Highlands. On the side of Safai Coffee on Bardstown Road, pairs of animals share drinks and embrace. And one of the most iconic Louisville murals is the highlight feature of The Wine Market building.

While the Highlands hosts some defining pieces, Portland is saturated with murals, graffiti and more on just about on every corner. Otherwise ordinary buildings sport detailed depictions of waterfalls or illustrations of famous quotes, like the Abe Lincoln quote painted by street art collective Often Seen, Rarely Spoken

Other areas filled with art are Old Louisville, NuLu and downtown. The streets and neighborhoods near the University of Louisville feature more home-grown pieces.

And you can’t make it one block down Market Street without seeing grandiose business-signs-turned-murals, or innovative pieces incorporating telephone wires into street art.

View the gallery of street art across Louisville below. Did we miss your favorite graffiti, painting or mural? Tweet @insiderlou or tag @insiderlouisville on Instagram with pictures of your favorite.