Local podcast, ‘The Rusty Satellite Show,’ talks to 100 of Louisville’s most interesting people

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When I started a podcast last June, I thought it would be fun to interview some locals who had interesting stories to tell. I called it The Rusty Satellite Show, insisted that my theme music was Paul Thorn’s “What the Hell is Going On,” and put it out there.

It airs on the Dan Vonderheide’s Louisville.am podcast network.

Somewhere along the way, inspired by a beer commercial, I started calling guests on the show “the most interesting people in The ‘Ville.” A few months in, I figured out how to do the interviews on location, and put more thought into the photos that appeared online with the podcast.

In all, the show has included 12-minute conversations with 100 interesting people, over the course of 52 weeks, encompassing the worlds of business, entertainment, sports, media, politics and entrepreneurship. The list of 100 is full of people who are doing big things in this town, many of whom appear regularly in Insider Louisville news stories.

Tim Koons McGee of Comfy Cow |Photos by Rick Redding

Tim Koons-McGee of Comfy Cow | Photos by Rick Redding

I looked for people who started things (Tim Koons-McGee of Comfy Cow, Kris Kimel of Idea Festival, J.K, McKnight of Forecastle), people who had jobs I thought were cool (Glenn Haygood of WLKY-TV, Rick Redman at Louisville Slugger), people who run things I like (Craig Buthod of the Louisville Free Public Library, John Walczak of the Louisville Zoo) and my friends in media and PR (starting with Mark Hebert and Angie Fenton, the only two-time interviewees).

Because I tried to make the show timely, it tracks some of the big news stories of the last year. There was Tyler Allen, whom I interviewed in his car driving around downtown talking about bridge construction. I talked with state Sen. Perry Clark at his South End home about marijuana and hemp legislation. I asked Metro Councilman David James why he voted to retain a colleague with ethics problems.

I had one of the first interviews with Aaron Yarmuth after he announced plans to buy LEO Weekly, and made my first-ever trip to The Courier-Journal editorial offices to talk with Neil Budde.

John Yarmuth | Photo by Rick Redding

Congressman John Yarmuth

While many of those on the list aren’t newsmakers, there were some big “gets.” Starting with Mayor Greg Fischer and Congressman John Yarmuth. Gill Holland was a no-brainer. One of my favorites was Ed Hart, the man behind Kentucky Kingdom. Hart, notoriously critical of local media, resisted being interviewed for months before finally he agreed to do the show in his office.

Oh, there were places I’d go for the show. I was in the basement of Jackie Green’s bike shop, Emily Gimmel’s cool space in Butchertown, the Thunder control center with Wayne Hettinger, a Slugger Field dugout with Corky Miller, Brigid Kaelin’s living room with her adorable son, the digs at Distillery Commons of El Toro founder Stacy Griggs.

So here it is — 100 of the Most Interesting Poeple in the ‘Ville, according to the Rusty Satellite Show. How many do you know?

Tyler Allen
Joe Arnold
John Asher
John Ashton
Jill Bell
Mike Berry
Larry Bisig
John Boel
Terry Boyd
John Y. Brown III
Neil Budde
Craig Buthod
Mark Carter
Perry Clark
Claudia Coffey
Shannon Cogan
Mark Coomes
Steve Coomes
John Cosby
Eric Crawford
Scotty Davenport
J.P. Davis
David Domine
Margue Esrock
Wayne Estopinal
Karen Faulkner
Steve Fehder
Angie Fenton
Greg Fischer
Greg Galliette
Belinda Gates
Kirsty Gaukel
Kat Gentner
John Gilderbloom
Emily Gimmel
Jackie Green
Stacey Griggs
Darrell Haire
Ed Hart
Sara Havens
Glenn Haygood
Smith Haynie
Mark Hebert
Wayne Hettinger
Chip Heuser
Gill Holland
Darrell Holliday
David Inman
David James
David Jones Jr.
Brigid Kaelin
Kirk Kandle
C.D. Kaplan
Kris Kimel
Tim Koons-McGee
Tim Laird
Anthony Lamas
Adam Lefkoe
Bernie Lubbers
Brendan McCarthy
Dan McDonnell
J.K. McKnight
Carolyn Gaeta McLean
Ashley Miller
Corky Miller
Jerry Miller
Fred Minnick
Larry Muhammad
John Nation
Steve Paradis
Mose Putney
Rick Redman
Ben Rhodes
Darren Rogers
Shoni Schimmel
Karl Schmitt
Stacey Servo
Kris Sirchio
Ted Smith
Bob Sokoler
Cyndy Tandy
Taylor Trusty
John Walczak
Kristen Walls
Les Waters
Nick Weis
Debbie Wesslund
Stephanie White
Tom Williams
Diane Williamson
Dick Wilson
Steve Wiser
John Witten
Dawn Yankeelov
Aaron Yarmuth
John Yarmuth
Dr. Hong Ye
Mollie Yunker
Marianne Zickuhr
Craig Zirnheld