Know Your City! — Sept 26, 2022

Here’s a review of this week’s questions:

  1. The stadium where Lou City plays soccer is named after a philanthropic optometrist. What is his name?
  2. This tiny restaurant on Bishop Lane in Louisville was the first in the city to serve Peruvian style charcoal chicken. What is its name?
  3. Across Main Street from Louisville Slugger Field, you will find a bourbon distillery where three generations of the Henderson family create world-class whiskey. What is its name?

And here are the answers:

  1. Mark Lynn. Dr. Mark Lynn surprised experts in the sports and business communities when he stepped up as a major financial backer of what is now Lynn Family Stadium, home to Louisville City FC, the city’s professional soccer team. Lynn made a fortune in the “vision” business, operating his own company in the 90’s and eventually acquiring Vision Works and their 80 franchise stores. In 2019, when the stadium was nearing completion, naming rights had still not yet been determined. Lynn offered an undisclosed amount of money, far surpassing what corporate sponsors were offering, and asked only that the name “Lynn Family” be used for the stadium’s name. Mark Lynn has also been recognized for years as a major benefactor to the University of Louisville athletics organization and has a soccer stadium on the U of L campus named for him and his wife Cindy.
  2. Yummy Pollo. Yummy Pollo is the kind of place that a friend will tell you about, because you certainly won’t find out about it by seeing an ad or driving by and noticing it. The strip center where it is located, near the corner of Newburgh Road and Bishop Lane, is also home to a Mexican Restaurant, a Chinese Restaurant, a Latin grocery store and probably a nail salon, but they can’t hide the delicious aroma of charcoal-roasted rotisserie chicken wafting out of the place. The chicken is the star of every entrée served at the fast-casual style spot. The Courier-Journal described it like this in a 2018 review: “…a gleaming stainless-steel rotisserie, the base lined with glowing coals, flames crackling around greying briquettes. Dozens of small chickens are lined tightly on long spits, their edges browned and glistening, rotating slowly…” It can be ordered whole, halved, or quartered, with a choice of exemplary side dishes including yucca fries, plantains, and cilantro rice.
  3. Angel’s Envy. Launched in 2011, Angel’s Envy got its name from the 5% of evaporated bourbon that occurs in most bourbon barrels – known as “the angel’s share”. It got its start when spirits industry executive Wes Henderson talked his father, retired master distiller Lincoln Henderson, to return to his life’s work, adding his son Kyle to the mix and resulting in three generations of Hendersons bringing their unique product to market. Their downtown distillery is just as eclectic and interesting as the whiskey created there. Tours of the Angel’s Envy Distillery are an increasingly popular destination for visitors and locals, and it is highly recommended that reservations are made a month in advance for distillery tours.