Thanks for playing Know Your City! Let’s review the questions.

  1. Only three fillies have won the Kentucky Derby. Can you name them?
  2. This writer, at the time a WWI soldier stationed at Camp Zachary Taylor, was known to take weekend getaways to drink at the bar in the Seelbach Hotel. Lore has it that it was where he got the inspiration for his greatest novel. Who was this writer?
  3. Colonial Gardens, located in Kenwood Hill neighborhood, has had a long history of being the place to go to eat, drink and dance. But when it started off in 1920 , it was called Senning’s Park. What was is known for then?

And here are the answers:

  1. The three fillies who have won the Kentucky Derby are Regret (she was the first filly to participate in the Kentucky Derby and she beat 18 males); Genuine Risk (she was the only filly to finish either first, second or third in all three Triple Crown races); and Winning Colors (her trainer was D. Wayne Lukas and her jockey was Gary Stevens).
  2. Scott Fitzgerald—It’s been said that The Great Gatsby came about after Fitzgerald hung out at the Rathskellar, which at the time was turned into a USO. Common lore has it that while there he palled around with George Remus, a former lawyer from Cincinnati who became wealthy from being a bootlegger. They say that’s who the character of Jay Gatsby was inspired by. You can read all about it here.
  3. Senning’s Park, the building and its grounds, was home to Louisville’s first zoo. In 1940, A. Watson bought the property , remodeled the building and named it Colonial Gardens.

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