Thanks for playing Know your City! Let’s review the questions.

  1. Humana was co-founded by David A. Jones Sr. and what other Louisville native? (Bonus points if you can tell us what occupation the two men had prior to founding the company.)
  2. The first KingFish restaurant opened on Derby Day 10948 at the location of Fourth Street and River Road. Where did the name come from?
  3. What Louisville park was referred to as “Jacob’s Folly” in its beginnings?

And here are the answers:

  1. Wendell Cherry co-founded Humana with Jones. Both Cherry and Jones were lawyers. Cherry, who was also an art collector and patron, died in 1991.
  2. Russell Austin and Henry Burns got the restaurant name from a radio program that was very popular at the time called Amos ‘n’ Andy.  One of the characters on the show was head of that Great Fraternity, The Mystic Knight of the Sea, known as KingFish.
  3. Iroquois Park—In 1889, Louisville mayor Charles Donald Jacob bought a tract of land built over Burnt Knob. Political opponents called the park Jacob’s Folly because its earliest improvements were washed away by rain in the Spring of 1889.