Here’s a review of the questions:

  1. Louisville’s Fourth Street Live is a bustling complex of restaurants & bars that cater to convention attendees and other out-of-town visitors. Prior to its current incarnation, it was home to a thoroughly modern (for 1982) shopping destination that later became something of an eyesore to downtown denizens. What was it called?
  1. Who are the identical twin sisters from Louisville that were featured in the TV show “Quark,” as well as commercials for Doublemint Gum and Toni haircare products?
  2. Who was the much-beloved morning radio personality that was partnered with Terry Meiners on WQMF and WLRS before leaving Louisville in 1986?

And here are the answers:

  1. When it opened, the Louisville Galleria was promoted as the shopping destination that would “save the city.” At a cost of over $100,000,000, it certainly created retail excitement downtown – until it didn’t. Fourth Street Live, opened in 2007, has endured challenges of its own lately due Covid-19. Here’s hoping the pedestrian mall, located between Liberty Street and Muhammad Ali Blvd., will regain momentum and not end up as the Galleria did years before.
  2. Patricia and Priscilla (Cyb) Barnstable are staples of Louisville society, particularly at Derby time. Their annual Barnstable-Brown Gala fundraiser, always held on Derby Eve at a mansion in Louisville’s Highlands neighborhood, draws celebrities from across the globe and is always the hottest ticket in town – if you can afford a $1300 ticket just to get in. In the past, stars as varied as Kid Rock, Tom Brady and Jeff Bezos have graced the red carpet. Prior to their roles as party hostesses, the sisters were often seen on TV in the 1970’s, most famously as Betty 1 and Betty 2 on the infamous sci-fi/comedy series “Quark,” which ran for one season, 1977-78 on NBC.
  3. Ron Clay certainly left his mark on Louisville broadcasting. “Uncle Ron” and a pre-WHAS Terry Meiners terrorized the airwaves with their “Morning Sickness” show on WLRS, followed by “The Show with No Name” on WQMF. Their irreverent stunts are historical in stature. Clay left Louisville for KZAP in Sacramento, and sadly passed away in 1991.

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