Thanks for playing Know Your City! Let’s review the questions:

Louisville doesn’t have a pro football team but that doesn’t mean the city doesn’t celebrate its football. In this week’s Know Your City, we’re going to ask about longstanding high school football rivalries. Here goes!

  1. It’s sometimes called The Old Rivalry and for good reason. This Louisville HS football rivalry began in 1893 and, until 1980, games were always played on Thanksgiving.
  2. The football rivalry between these two schools began in 1956. The teams are consistently two of the best teams in the state of Kentucky.
  3. This rivalry is known as the “Battle of the South End.” What are the two teams involved?

And here are the answers!

  1. Male/Manual—The record attendance for a game in the rivalry’s history was 22,000 in 1966 and it’s still going strong. You can relive some of the rivalry’s highlights here.
  2. Trinity/St. X—The rivalry between Trinity High School and St. X dates back to 1956. The largest recorded crowd was in 2008, with more than 38,000 guests.
  3. Butler and PRP—This South End rivalry began in 1960 when the Bears won 31-0, and the schools have met every year since then.