Here’s a review of the questions:

  1. The site on Poplar Level Road in Louisville where Derby City gaming is now located was once a popular racetrack. While they did not give Churchill Downs much competition, it was a fun and informal alternative to the Twin Spires for 25 years. What was the racetrack called?
  2. This dining establishment on South Fourth Street, a stone’s throw from Churchill Downs, has served trainers, jockeys, and owners, as well as all manner of unique racetrack personalities, since 1923.
  3. What is the name of the popular marshmallow candy that is made exclusively at Muth’s Candies on Market Street?

And here are the answers:

  1. Louisville Downs opened in 1966 and had quite an illustrious run of fascinating events. Offering harness racing was one way in which it differed from Churchill Downs, but there was so much more! Motorcycles, go-carts and even a waterski show by the Louisville Skee Bees were among the marketing and promotional gimmicks offered by its owners. Louisville Downs was sold to Churchill Downs in 1991 and became a practice facility, and later an off-track betting facility. It now operates as Derby City Gaming, where “historical horse races” are integrated into slot machines that local bettors can make use of.
  2. Wagner’s Pharmacy may have been an actual pharmacy at some point, but it has mostly been known as an institution for home-cooked meals and fascinating equine-focused conversation for nearly a hundred years. Recent renovations have made the Louisville landmark even more appealing in recent months, assuring that Derby Week will see huge crowds eating breakfast and grabbing up souvenirs at Wagner’s for as long as there is a Kentucky Derby!
  3. Visitors and locals alike just cannot get enough of the Modjeskas created at Muth’s Candies. The company’s website describes the different ways people mispronounce or misspell the candy’s name (moojeski, majestic), but once they get a taste of the marshmallow and caramel confection, they will surely become fans for life. The history goes that Madam Helena Modrzejewska was a touring actress in the 1870’s who loved Louisville and inspired a French candymaker to create the original candy and name it after her. Fellow candy store operator Rudy Muth eventually started selling the Modkeskas out of his shop on Market Street, and four generations of the Muth family have carried on the tradition of hand dipping and hand wrapping the delicious treats, pleasing candy consumers far and wide.

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