When you think of Norton Commons, you might think of beautiful residences, a charming town center, connected parks, pools and plenty of other upscale amenities. While all of that is true of Norton Commons, there are a few things you might not be aware of. Here they are:

  1. Ample green spaces
    More than 25% of the entire community’s acreage is dedicated to parks and civic spaces, and new green spaces are constantly being added. The newest “kid on the block” will be the development of the green space called The Grove, to be completed by Summer 2019. The Grove will include woodland and watershed protection areas, a pool and recreation area, as well as nearby “Peppermint Green,” a football field-sized green space surrounded by a walking path and encircled by large, native species trees.
  2. Live where you work, work where you live
    Norton Commons does offer a variety of residential and business properties, but sometimes it’s both. A type of building called live/works is prevalent throughout the Norton Commons town centers. In that style of building, businesses are located directly below residential properties. Often, the business’s proprietor/manager lives just upstairs, making for a short and painless commute. A robust small business community support system and business association exists at Norton Commons to encourage entrepreneurship.
  3. Rock star businesses
    Among other businesses, Norton Commons is the home of a nationally-recognized luxury bed & breakfast (Chateau Bourbon), a Wall-Street Journal bestselling author’s HQ (Fred Minnick of Minnick Media), an internationally acclaimed net zero (super-green) engineering firm (CMTA Energy Solutions) and a full-service YMCA.
  4. Architectural excellence
    In the new urbanism style, Norton Commons was designed by the same world-renowned planning team who designed Seaside, Florida, a very popular vacation destination for Louisvillians in particular (also the site of the quirky film The Truman Show). Like its sister community, Norton Commons offers a unique blend of modern features, walkability and mixed-use, and stunning traditional architectural beauty to boot.
  5. You’re invited
    Norton Commons offers a plethora of free, family-friendly events open to the public like the Music by the Water Summer Concert Series at the beautiful lakeside amphitheater, annual Norton Commons Art Festival, Fall Fest complete with trick or treating as well as various street parties and weekly farmer’s markets.
  6. Diversity of homeowners and dwellings
    Not just baby boomers and retirees live at Norton Commons; young couples with families and single millennials do, too. There are apartments as well as condos and single-family homes with price points all over the map. Look for an extensive new luxury apartment and condo expansion to open in mid-2020, also. To be constructed by Bristol Development Group of Nashville, TN, Lyric at Norton Commons will bring over 250 maintenance-free luxe rental options to the North Village Town Center.
  7. It’s an environmentally conscious community
    A green-friendly community on the cutting-edge, Norton Commons has added more than 2700 native trees since its initial development, and continues to add approximately 100 more each year. In addition, Norton Commons’ geothermal initiative is one of the largest in the nation. It reflects Norton Commons’ commitment to the environment with homes heated and cooled using state-of-the-art technology which harnesses energy produced beneath the earth’s surface. This creates an efficient system that lowers monthly utility bills without emitting carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Another 50 geothermal homes are currently under construction and 50 are in planning stages.
  8. Abundance of service businesses
    You may know about the salons and restaurants, but Norton Commons is also home to physician and dentist offices, attorneys, accountants, financial planners, an audiologist, pharmacist, child care services, interior designers, insurance providers, pet groomers and more. The original concept of this mixed-use community is that a resident could walk to address practically all of his or her daily needs within the neighborhood. With over 70 active businesses operating in Norton Commons today, that concept is now reality.