Youth development, healthy living and social responsibility are the three areas of focus for the YMCA of Greater Louisville, as we work toward strengthening the foundations of our community.

Social responsibility is usually not the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of the YMCA of Greater Louisville. But it makes sense, when considering the Y’s foundation is based on putting Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Our doors are open to everyone! Every day we work side by side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. We bring people together from all backgrounds and provide support to those who need us most.

Everything the Y does is in service of building a better us

From athletics, to education, to health services, to safe spaces, the Y fills the gaps where some communities may fall short. Why? Because we believe every person in our community deserves the chance to thrive. And when every person succeeds, so does the entire community as a whole.

To bring about meaningful change, people need ongoing encouragement and tools. We’re here day in and day out to provide the resources our community needs so that we can address the most pressing issues: child welfare, education, community health, employment, and quality of life. We work to make sure that every child, family and individual has what they need to achieve their best.

Education is the Y’s fastest growing endeavor

The Y’s achiever programs continue after 35 years — having provided mentoring to thousands of students, in finding their goals around post-secondary education, and offering millions of dollars of scholarships. In addition to educational financial support, the recognition of these amazing young people speaks volumes in terms of building their confidence and self-esteem.

There are some new additions to the Y’s education agenda. In the last four years, the Y’s Summer Learning Loss Prevention literacy programs have grown from serving 50 students at two schools to serving over 950 students at 13 schools —each student actually PROGRESSING in their reading ability, on average one to three months. Teachers report that these students return to school each fall with renewed confidence and enthusiasm for learning — something just as important as the reading skill itself.

Your Y is privileged to collaborate with the Newcomer Academy at Shawnee to serve nearly 100 youth of refugee families from dozens of countries arriving in our region. We support their academic pursuit, and provide sports, health and family support activities as these new members of our community become important parts of our citizenry.

The Y confronts the most urgent needs in our community

For 40 years, YMCA Safe Place Services has provided a blanket of security for our most vulnerable teens who find themselves on the street, abused, neglected, or just simply needing SAFETY, SHELTER, and SUPPORT. Serving over 800 youth annually through Shelter House, Street Outreach, our program for children of incarcerated parents, and young adult services, our network will remain committed to family unification, as well as prevention — keeping youth out of danger and out of the criminal justice system, so that they have the opportunity to live productive, healthy lives and actively contribute to their community.

Join the Y in giving to the Louisville region

The YMCA of Greater Louisville is entering its 164th year of service to this great region with gratitude, humility and optimism. Our donors, members, volunteers, supporters and staff demonstrate the power of what we can achieve by giving back together. We are proud of our efforts toward social responsibility, and look forward to a new year of prosperity and continued personal growth across the community.

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