Sometimes it seems like files must be reproducing while everyone leaves the office at night. Day by day, stacks of paper grow. New filing cabinets encroach on office space, then become a problem to be solved.

Do you take paperwork offsite? Look for more real estate? Do you move to a larger location or reduce office space to make room for more file storage? What about security?

A switch to Sentry File’s automated workflow and paperless filing eliminated real estate costs for Oldham County Public Schools. The district, growing by leaps and bounds, had problems tracking and storing records. Office space was getting edged out by the need to keep so many documents, and the process of retrieving records was time-consuming.

The district considered offsite storage, but that would have only complicated things further, and it wouldn’t have offered any security from fire or natural disaster.

Making the switch to paperless filing over nine departments in a district that serves 12,000 students during any given year might have seemed a daunting task, but the team at Louisville’s family-owned Duplicator Sales and Service are old hands at this. After a workflow and file-storage analysis, they decided to start the process in the accounts payable department.

Within a year, the district saw a return on investment by reclaiming valuable office space and creating an automated workflow to scan requisitions, purchase orders, packing slips and payment vouchers. Rather than digging through clunky filing cabinets, and sometimes coming up empty when responding to the needs of the district’s 700 suppliers, office personnel can access needed information in a few seconds.

Suppliers are more satisfied and so are the district’s employees who are no longer rooting through records to answer a simple question or provide a necessary receipt.

They didn’t do it alone. The team at Duplicator Sales and Service’s analysis of where to start and how to expand Sentry File across the district simplified and streamlined the process. The office equipment and solutions supplier integrated the district’s existing technology into the process.

Sentry File is a Windows-based software solution, and uses non-proprietary document formats that ensure continued access to necessary information. This means there’s no memory-devouring program to slow you down. It augments and connects what you already use.

Oldham County Public Schools has since added the software solution to many other departments. The ease of access to necessary records has freed up countless hours, and streamlined the workflows of personnel across the district.

Going paperless is not just about saving space; it’s about saving time and it’s an added measure of security. With Sentry File, administrators and managers have a record of who accessed what files when, and what changes have been made. Files can’t get lost or misplaced. They automatically go where they need to go and stay there.

Paperless filing means multiple individuals can look at the same file at the same time without the need to copy it, and they can direct it where it needs to go with a few keystrokes. The solution allows workers to email, file, print, and view, all from the same screen.

Paperless filing also means administrative staff can see what work is being done in real time. Not only does it automate the process of filing documents, and provide ease-of access, but managerial staff can get a handle on where a project stands without interrupting workflow by accessing relevant documents themselves.

Possibilities change with the use of digital filing. You can better meet the needs of employees when they can access their work from anywhere. Moving your workflow online means it’s possible for personnel to work from home if needed. Work becomes less about being tethered to an office, and more about the work being wherever you need it to be, whenever you need it to be there.

With Sentry File, if a client needs information after-hours, you can provide it. If an administrator remembers a task after they leave for the day, they can access what they need to make it happen. If the worst happens, and a fire or natural disaster damages your work space, your business doesn’t have to come to a grinding halt.

Are you ready to open up a world of possibilities for your workflow? Duplicator Sales and Service is ready to help you. In business for nearly 60 years, the office technology, equipment, and print communication supplier has grown by listening carefully to customer needs, and working to provide the best service possible.

In a time when you expect your technical support to be a world away, Duplicator Sales and Service is always right here, with real people who are just a phone call away, ready to step in and assist you. That’s why they’re your unduplicated office technology professionals.