If you don’t know the name Wehr Constructors, you at least know the company’s work. Founded in 1945, Wehr Constructors has been helping to shape the landscape of Louisville and surrounding communities for generations.

Actors Theatre

The Humana Corporate Tower on Main Street is perhaps the best known example of how Wehr Constructors has shaped Louisville’s skyline, but the legacy goes much, much deeper. Wehr’s relationship with Louisville’s healthcare industry stretches farther than its partnership with Humana.

“I enjoy driving through downtown Louisville with my sons and being able to point to the buildings Wehr is responsible for,” Jeff McMahan, Senior Project Manager at Wehr, said. “There’s a sense of pride in knowing our company has shaped Louisville’s landscape.”

Two important projects to which he specifically refers are University of Louisville Hospital, built starting in 1996, and Frazier Rehabilitation and Neuroscience Center, which sit side by side downtown. These are buildings that have housed much healing in the city.

“Sixty percent of what we do is healthcare,” McMahan said. “University of Louisville Hospital has been a client of ours for 15-plus years. What they do in this community, Louisville wouldn’t be the same without them. We hope to work with them for another 150 years.”

But it’s a long relationship with Humana that may be primarily responsible for Wehr’s ascension into a premier contracting company. The corporate tower is nearly 600,000 square feet, and is 27 stories tall with a granite façade.

In fact, the Humana Tower, with its six-story waterfall, “is probably the project that put us on the map. We owe our growth to Humana, and that project was just kind of the cherry on top.”

There are many other buildings around Louisville that you may not know were built by Wehr Constructors, including:

Louisville International Airport

Humana Waterside: The partner to the corporate tower, Waterside is just east on Main Street on the Ohio River side of the street and is 750,000 square feet.

Jewish Heart and Lung Center: Also located downtown, this is a world-renowned facility for heart and lung surgery and care.

Norton Womens and Childrens Hospital in St. Matthews: Completed in 2015, this four-story addition is a state-of-the-art medical facility.

Actors Theatre of Louisville: Wehr merged the historic 1837 James H. Dakin Building and the Myers-Thompson Display Building, and also renovated the structure’s theaters, along with other improvements.

Waterfront Park Place: This 23-story condominium high-rise includes 88 luxury condo units.

Louisville International Airport: Wehr recently completed an $8.5 million renovation of the airport, complete with additional commercial space and ornate terrazzo floors.

Northeast Christian Church

Northeast Christian Church: Wehr completed a 2,100-seat, 73,000-square-foot renovation and addition in 2011.

St. Michael Catholic Church: A 35,000-square-foot addition was followed by a 10,000-square-foot renovation to the church.

Wayside Christian Mission: Wehr completed a five-story tower addition, new kitchen, and gymnasium and multi-purpose room.

Louisville Collegiate School: Wehr constructed a new, 52,000-square-foot dining and arts building and learning commons building set in the middle of the school’s campus with renovations to adjacent buildings.

Archdiocese of Louisville Pastoral Center: Three-story addition and renovation that will house the Archdiocese of Louisville’s new Pastoral Center.

Salvation Army Center of Hope: Wehr completed a $3 million renovation on the old Male High School building for use by the Salvation Army.

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