The advertising world has always been a guessing game. Will that billboard reach the people you want it to reach? Will a huge ad buy in the middle of a prime time show pay off for your company? If your potential customers were individual plants among acres of crops, traditional modes of advertising demand that you saturate the market, water all the crops, and keep your fingers crossed that you’re reaching some of the right people.

Pope Mobley has been the Digital Marketing and Technology Innovation Manager with Sullivan University since 2011. The university recognized that expanding their digital reach was key to their growth. Mobley and his team manage the university’s web properties, design ads, and buy space within a growing digital marketplace. They create the digital pieces that go with the university’s more traditional marketing like television, print, radio, billboards, etc., and test, refine, and expand the digital face of the university over numerous platforms.

Mobley said a big part of the job is “developing our multiscreen capabilities so we can reach our prospective student audience.” Over the last two year, the creative communications team started using TV Everywhere advertising solutions with Spectrum Reach. . . . . Spectrum Reach connects with consumers across an array of platforms, through cable network apps, Video on Demand (VOD), and more, across all devices.

Spectrum Reach allows you to be much more specific about who sees your ads, and how and where they see them. Instead of saturating the market, it’s more like a squirt gun. You choose the audience for your ads, the platforms on which they run, and can tweak your message accordingly. It’s not just about where you point your message, but the ability to change it so the right people see information that is relevant to them.

Pope Mobely, digital marketing and technology innovation manager, Sullivan University

Sullivan University contains nine colleges including Pharmacy, Nursing, Allied Health, Hospitality Studies, IT, Design and others. Spectrum Reach allows the team to generate and place an ad for the culinary program in an episode of Top Chef, reaching a potential student based on an existing interest.  The platform allows them to shift attributes like age, interests, and geographic location of potential consumers, and to nest their ads within programs they select.

“It is becoming harder and harder for us to reach our prospective students using traditional methods. Billboards, radio, television — it’s all becoming so fragmented now that we only really use these macro marketing methods as sort of top of funnel activities.” In the advertising world, top of funnel means spreading awareness, creating buzz — letting people know who you are and what you do. It’s market saturation.

“They’re watching video on demand, accessing content through their X-Box, Roku, Apple TV, and on their mobile devices. Spectrum Reach products like Ads Everywhere allows us to target those consumers wherever and however they’re connected to content, as opposed to a traditional broadcast schedule.”

The creative communications team supplies their ad inventory to Spectrum, selecting their audience through a vast menu of demographics. “So not only does it cover the normal broadcast through Spectrum, and also through on demand,” he said, but it also carries that ad through to platforms and devices that most use for their content these days. “Spectrum Reach gets us plugged into that network and allows us to reach those people within a certain, specific area.”

Traditional modes of advertising are still important, Mobley stressed. But unlike with traditional means, the team can see how many times their ads have been viewed, and roughly by who. Young people exploring their educational options have likely done a lot of exploration in their entertainment options as well. “This allows me to get our message in front of them, but it’s on their time,” he said.

Even with so many options and ways to refine and micro-target the intended viewers for a given ad, Mobley said, “In one sense, it actually makes things easier. Now, I have a much better idea that the money I’m spending is hitting the right people. In addition to all the streaming services, you’ve got satellite radio, you’ve got broadcast radio, YouTube, social media — the landscape has changed. So the further I can narrow that down, keep my focus, the better results I’m going to see.”

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