Jay McCain of Shingle Savers doesn’t want folks to confuse their company with a roofing company. They don’t need hammers or nails because they don’t change roofs, they save them.

“Sustainability is an important issue,” McCain says.  “11.5 million tons of asphalt shingle waste is dumped into landfills every year. Imagine how much that could be reduced by extending the life of asphalt shingle roofs that are already installed.”

Shingle Savers uses environmentally friendly and sustainable Roof Maxx, a restorative oil application, to offer homeowners new life to their aging asphalt rooftops. As a Master Dealer of Roof Maxx, Shingle Savers can give homeowners a cost-effective way to extend their roof life.

Why shingles break down

Responsiveness to weather conditions and temperature changes is integral to the performance of roof shingles. As these shingles are exposed to the sun’s UV rays and begin to age and weather, they lose their essential oils and begin to dry out. As they dry, these shingles become brittle and do not perform as they should. The shingles begin to lose their expansion properties and asphalt granules that help protect the interior of the home. An aging roof can be a costly repair.

Derived from soybean oil, Roof Maxx is a product that is applied directly to the shingles through a licensed dealer, like Shingle Savers. The Soy Fusion Technology of Roof Maxx allows millions of microbeads to penetrate aging shingles, restoring the essential oils, rejuvenating the performance of the roof and offering extended protection for the homeowners. The product offers protection and cost savings. Roof Maxx is only a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.

“Roof Maxx can be used multiple times depending on the structural integrity of the shingles so a roof could potentially last twice as long as normal. And since this is a soy-based product, it is 100% green,” says McCain.

Founded by experienced roofing professionals the Feazel brothers, Michael and Todd, Roof Maxx is a food grade product that is 100% safe for people, pets, property and the environment.

Using Roof Maxx on aging asphalt shingles can extend roof life for at least five years or more.

Most homeowners use asphalt shingled roofs. To help cut down on roofing waste that ends up in landfills, it is important that new technologies continue to be developed.

According to the product website, “Our vision, at Roof Maxx Technologies is to be a positive force in roofing sustainability by increasing the service life of asphalt shingle roofing systems. This effort is being made possible through close collaboration with our strategic partners in Biotech discovery in research, academia and commercial development.”

Service details

In Louisville, Shingle Savers promises consumers that they will receive no high-pressure sales pitches and work that can restore a rooftop with only an hour or so of application time. The service also comes with a five-year transferable warranty. With the warranty, if customers have to replace a Roof Maxx-treated roof before the five-year period is up, they will be refunded the prorated remainder of the cost. Also, if they sell their homes within that five-year period, they can transfer this warranty to the new homeowner. This offers the seller and buyer an attractive incentive.

Users of the product include roofing contractor Brian Thompson whose video testimonial appears on the Shingle Savers website.

Thompson says that in New Jersey where he lives, the climate is “aggressive” and rooftops have to adapt to wide temperature swings rapidly.

“As the sun bakes the oils out of the, they can’t adapt anymore,” he says. “The question I get from the homeowner is ‘How much life do I have left in my roof?’ I didn’t used to have an answer.”

Now Thompson tells them about Roof Maxx and lets them know that the product can get them at least five more years.

“Owners of commercial and residential property can save a ton of money by treating their roof and extending the life of what they already have versus doing an expensive roof replacement,” says Jay McCain.  “An application of Roof Maxx is a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement.”

Homeowners don’t need to be home for the application. It’s like having someone cut your grass. Plus, there’s no worry of loose nails being left in your yard or driveway.”

With Spring severe weather around the corner in the Ohio Valley, it might be the perfect time to have rooftops inspected and to look for options to fortify aging shingles. Roof Maxx seems a great and economical resource for homeowners that can’t afford to replace their entire roof.

For more information about Roof Maxx and Shingle Savers, click here. Also, here is a video that shows how it works: