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Image courtesy Creative Reali

Louisville stepped up at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it’s stepping up for reopening plans.

Creative Realities, a publicly traded company headquartered in Louisville, has developed an AI-powered fever-detection device to help companies get back to work. The product, called a “Thermal Mirror,” is a kiosk that takes a worker’s or visitor’s temperature at a distance, with no human contact.

The product uses thermal technology to capture infrared radiation and creates an image based on temperature differences. The device scans and reports the temperature instantly, with an accuracy of plus-or-minus .9 degrees Fahrenheit.

As enterprises get back to work, ways to keep workers and customers safe are a top priority. The thermal mirror enables companies to quickly and efficiently take temperatures and let employees or customers know if they have a fever. Anyone with a fever can then self-isolate until they are sure they are not contagious. A facial recognition option allows companies to capture and store results for future reference.

What makes the Thermal Mirror different from other products that are popping up is the Artificial Intelligence and impressive analytics capabilities behind it. It also has the ability to integrate data with other cloud-based systems. When networked, it becomes an enterprise level solution that we believe elevates its position in the marketplace.

The AI-enabled software platform integrated into the Thermal Mirror is powered by Cincinnati-based tech company InReality and adds important functionality like response customization, analytics, networking and synchronizing of Thermal Mirror, anomaly alerts and compliance logs for legal audit trails become available.

Ron Levac, InReality Chief Executive Officer, said “I believe combining InReality’s ability to capture and report data through a cloud-based solution, including integrations with HRIS, security, and other third-party platforms, with Creative Realities’ core expertise – CX design, deployment capabilities, and rock-solid field management and support – has created a fully turnkey offering.”

Rick Mills, Chief Executive Officer, remarked, “Due to COVID-19, every single vertical we serve is facing the challenge of how to mitigate fears of safely visiting and returning to work, irrespective of industry. Our core business is built around technologies that inspire better customer experiences, and this is the most critical barrier brands and businesses are facing today.”