Beverage Data Exchange,

Photo courtesy of Aperity.

Aperity, a data management and analytic solutions provider for global beverage companies, couldn’t be located in a better place than in a state that makes 95% of the world’s bourbon.

The Louisville-based provider offers machine learning tools that help decision makers in the beverage industry, across all business units, cut through the clutter of Big Data to reveal actionable insights.

“We hear constantly from beverage companies and their supply chain partners that they are fed up with the industry norm of inflexible one-size-fits-all black box products. They are tired of being beholden to closed platforms for their data and are increasingly concerned about their data quality and data governance, especially in terms of visibility, accuracy, speed and transparency,” said John Madalon, Aperity Founder and CEO.

What the company created was the Beverage Data Exchange, an open, inclusive platform that puts clients back in control of their data, allowing them to see and touch it at every step of the process.

The Beverage Data Exchange and its three core products–Data IntegratorData Manager and Data Analyzer –make it easier to share, consume and control product data.

The data solution includes a pre-built platform of over 1,000 connectors (including suppliers, distributors, retailers and partners) and a library of 600 types of data transformations including machine learning algorithms. It offers data on in-store analysis, product recommendations, product placement, etc.

“We like to say ‘From the first mile to the last mile, our software uses artificial intelligence to predict where the product is, what’s selling most, and what places are more likely to see more of it,’” Madalon said.

The company works with the who’s who in the spirits industry, from local companies like Jim Beam to those abroad, including France-based Pernod Ricard and Mexico-based Patron Spirits.

The five core tenets of the Beverage Data Exchange include:

  1. Data is owned by Data Exchange members
  2. Members decide what data can be shared
  3. Members have full data visibility and traceability
  4. Members have flexibility to add new supply chain partners
  5. Members deserve to receive accurate data in a timely manner

Key member benefits include data accuracy, full data visibility and transparency and enhanced ability to collaborate up and down the supply chain.

When asked what were the advantages of having his business located in Louisville, Madalon said, “I always like to say that Makers Mark is mother’s milk and we live in the land of mother’s milk. We’re blessed that we’re located in Louisville. It’s allowed us to be close to the product and close to our clients and it’s been a wonderful place to make connections in the beverage industry.”