Photo credit, Briocare

Briocare, a company that leverages voice-first technologies to help seniors “age in place,” came to Louisville as part of XLerateHealth’s 2019 cohort. They participated in, and won, the Render Competition which awarded them a $100,000 investment, with the caveat that they had to relocate to Louisville. 

XLerateHealth is a nationally recognized healthcare accelerator that helps early stage healthcare companies build out their commercialization strategy. It’s headquartered in Louisville, where it can take advantage of the healthcare heritage, knowledge and innovation our city is known for. Render Capital is a regional fund of Access Ventures that invests in high-growth startups in order to establish the Louisville region as national leader n entrepreneurship and innovation.

Briocare’s founder, Shaun Mitra, described the four-month cohort:

“For six weeks or so there was a big emphasis on making sure we understood what market we’re going after, and how to align our product very precisely with that market. Every week we did a short pitch and a long pitch for the company, so that made us extremely experienced at pitching to any type of stakeholder,” Mitra said.

The tech

Briocare uses a combination of mobile technologies and smart device technologies to allow seniors to age in place. The tech revolves around three aspects delivered through an Alexa device:

Care, an app that helps with daily care like medication reminders, care instructions, etc.

Companionship, which offers 12 to 15 choices of music, podcasts, memory games and health information.

Connection, that enables messaging to a senior from anybody anywhere in the world. “They can just click on the link using a cell phone, iPad, laptop, or computer, and they can record a personal message or word of encouragement, whatever it is, and it will go straight to Alexa device of the older adult,” Mitra said.

Louisville bound

Mitra said that while participating in the cohort, his company met with a lot of premiere care companies—like insurance companies, long-term care facilities—so he got familiar with the network. He also appreciated Louisville’s focus on aging care.

“Due to the type of focus that Louisville is showing on age tech and age tech companies, we decided to move to Louisville,” he said. “And now, out of our three key leadership team members, two are from Kentucky—one from Owensboro and one from Louisville.”

Briocare has already signed up with local homecare companies, wellness management companies and employee benefit management companies.

Welcome to Louisville, Briocare!