Cuddle Clones acquired

Plush pet replicas maker Cuddle Clones has been acquired by Boston-based Dianthus, an AI-first E-commerce company that helps small and medium brands grow faster. Cuddle Clones is the second brand in the “pet” vertical in Dianthus’ portfolio. 

Restoring heart function after a heart attack

A University of Louisville research team has refined a process in which specific genes administered to heart muscle cells stimulate the cells to divide, with the goal of restoring heart function following a heart attack. The team has completed preclinical testing as a treatment for certain types of heart failure.

P3 Technology signs on new customer

P3 Technology, a Louisville based startup that provides a case management platform for the patient services industry, has signed on lighthouse customer Paragon Healthcare, based in Plano, Texas. P3 Technology will be at the center of aligning customized services through Paragon’s new program called ParagonRare, which guides patients with rare conditions through their treatment journey.

New center for entrepreneurship comes to Lexington

Transylvania College in Lexington has created a new center for entrepreneurship. The goal is to promote creativity and innovation while encouraging students in any major to keep going after their interests and to explore a wide range of entrepreneurial paths.

Rubicon acquires Civix

Waste and recycling management software provider Rubicon Technologies has acquired Civix, a routing software and solutions company located in Germany. The acquisition will help drive Rubicon’s growth into international markets as well as expand the routing capabilities of the company’s flagship software products for municipal and private fleets, RUBICONSmartCity and RUBICONPro.