Five children die every day from child abuse. Victims often go undiagnosed or are diagnosed incorrectly. And there’s a wealth of research that is mostly unknown. Now, a Louisville app developer and a leading expert on child abuse are teaming up to create a mobile app to make abuse easier to detect in clinical settings. The app is a collaboration between Louisville’s Slingshot and Dr. Mary Clyde Pierce, professor of pediatrics at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

The app will make child abuse research data accessible to pediatricians, clinicians, ER staff, and other medical personnel. Using the app, clinicians will be able to document skin, skeletal, and organ injuries using an interactive 3D human model. Workers will also be able to conduct an injury plausibility assessment by answering questions about symptoms and injury details. The app will not store patient data and is HIPAA compliant. Slingshot and Lurie are making it available free of charge when it comes out later this year.