CDC funds research at UofL

We’re sensing a theme here. UofL has received $8.6 million from the CDC to back research that could help health departments use wastewater to monitor the rate of COVID-19 infection.

Baptist Health’s COVID feat

When the pandemic hit last year, Baptist Health was in the middle of piloting an AI-powered remote monitoring platform for CHF and COPD patients. They pivoted to use it for COVID-19 patients and the result was that they achieved zero readmissions with those patients.

El Toro targets OTT media service

OTT is a media service offered directly to viewers via the Internet (think Hulu, Tubi, Roku, TLC, Discovery+, etc.). Up to now, methods to determine audience demographics for advertisers in OTT have been unreliable. El Toro IP Targeting is applying its patented IP targeting to all OTT/CTV inventory so advertisers can know exactly who’re they’re targeting.

Processing human waste into fertilizer

Thanks to a loan from the EPA, Louisville’s MSD can help finance their efforts to process human waste into fertilizer. The loan will also help finance a waste-to-energy project that will be used to power the facility through thermal hydrolysis.

New Albany company launches psychology-based app

New Albany-based Enriched Couples is currently testing their psychology-based app that helps couples measure, improve, and track healthy relationship habits with unified financial goals.

UofL project launches smartphone app

The Project on Positive Leadership (PPL) at the University of Louisville has launched a smartphone app called Leadership Amplifier. The goal of the app is to help new and inexperienced leaders develop positive leadership skills like compassion, integrity, and humility.